How to decor a master bedroom? ( 23 pictures )

How to décor a master bedroom?
It is a mind-illuminating task to decorate a master bedroom. It is your cozy escape, your personal space, a room where you spend some of your valuable ‘we-time.’ You get recharged in this room. How can you forget its decoration part? Though no one sees it at the first instance, this is something especially for you and your partner.

Let us discuss some of the gorgeous and beautiful décor ideas for your ideal master bedroom. You need not refurbish and revamp the entire room, even if you highlight some of the elements, you can recreate an impeccably-decorated room.

Instill drama in the bedroom curtains
A master bedroom is incomplete without covering your windows with the right curtains. If you are choosing gold décor scheme for your bed, then choose dramatic curtains for a chance. They should be sweeping till the floor and must have thick blinds.

Choose a daybed in case of a small master bedroom
In case you have a small master bedroom, or you need more space for crafting or reading, then you can choose a daybed instead. It will create the necessary space and make your room appear bigger.

A monochromatic color scheme
In order to make a romantic theme for a young couple’ master bedroom, a monochromatic color scheme would be a great idea. You should stick to a particular light color for the bed, linen, curtains and even the ceiling. Choose a vintage lamp and a side table. Don’t forget to keep a plant for an airy look.

Don’t forget the headboards
It is a usual practice to decorate the headboard. But you can create a magic there if you are a budding artist. You can surf for DIY tips and create a headboard for yourself. You may even choose curtains as a headboard and can change it season-wise or occasion-wise.

Choose one statement of art
You need not fill the wall with art pieces. Obviously, your master bedroom is not a gallery of art. Instead, choose only one piece of art that really illuminates your mind, refreshes you to kick-start your day and soothes your tiring day. It should be an art statement and must enhance the look of your room. Online portals are filled with magnificent works of art and you can definitely buy one.

Choose comforting colors
If you are not choosing the monochromatic color scheme, then you can definitely pick soothing colors that give you a sense of calmness and serenity. Colors such as ocean blue, brown are mesmerizing. Do not use a single color for the entire bedroom. Blend it nicely and perfectly.

Flower Arrangement
Yes, we know you like flowers. Then, why not have those always in your master bedroom? It is an enchanting experience to wake up with the flowers on the side table, pull the curtains and check for more flowers on the window still. During winter season, you need a sight of pleasant greenery and this idea will definitely give it. A flower arrangement idea will work if you are a true nature admirer.

Work Place in your Master Bedroom
Though health experts advise that you should not work in your bedroom, we really can’t resist sharing this idea. If you have limited space in your house and need to check some paper before you catch sleep, then you can install a work space in your bedroom. Note that it is quite far from your bed so that you don’t get involved in night-walking.

Choose a statement bed
You have endless number of choices to choose a bed, along with an elegant bedframe. It could be a four-poster bed or a platform bed. A bed with an elegant wooden frame gives us that rustic look.

A Statement Rug
How can you forget that statement rug you purchased from Turkey or Morocco? Stepping out of the bod on a cold morning demands a cushy and comfortable rug. Greet your feet every morning with a statement rug. Choose a stylish and soft one to create a happy look in your bedroom.

A Seating Area
As we have discussed about the work area, we can even incorporate a small seating area in your master bedroom. Probably, you and your partner like to talk for hours, peeping out of the window, admiring the nature, and sipping some hot coffee. You may even read an interesting book. A seating area just beside the window is a great idea.
Thus, these ideas can be brilliant for decorating your master bedroom. It is your personal space, so decorate it in your own way.

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