Houseplant Ideas for Living Room ( 20 Pics)

Houseplant Ideas for Living Room

It goes without saying that houseplants are the easiest way to keep any living area thriving and functional. They instantly change the ambiance of the room and add that special kick to keep the décor unique. Do you have lovely greenery in the living room? And if not, here are some great houseplant ideas for living room. Choose the one that can blend well with your living room décor and go green.
Snake Plant
The tall structured leaves make it an ideal houseplant for living rooms with high ceiling. The snake plant aka mother-in-law’s tongue in an attractive earthen or ceramic pot is a win-win statement piece for low tables in the living room.
Chinese Money Plant
The drench and dry soil lover can be a good addition to the living room because of the unusual and dramatic round leaves. Keep the vase or pot simple so the natural beauty it carries with itself will not left unnoticed.

Spider Plants
One of the favorite picks of many homeowners to keep those areas in the living room with lower light situations. You can grow them either in a boho-themed hanging planter or in a vessel atop the table next to the fireplace or sofa.
String of pearls
The fabulous string of pearls cascading down the large wooden bowl is a treat to watch. So why wait to hang it off of a shelf in the living room?
Jade Plants
Jade plants can be a proud addition to your living room décor if put in a vibrant and modern pot; after all, what fun without showing off the beauty of the deep green leaves with red tips.
Ficus Plant
Braid the stems of the ficus plant and create a stunning topiary for your living room. These shiny leaves require dry soil and bright light to liven up your living area. Though the plant can live through irregular watering, don’t forget to water once in a week.

Asparagus Fern
The graceful greeny stems are a delight, indeed. Nestle an ornamental Asparagus vessel on a modern stand in your living room or hang the pot from a stylish macrame plant hanger.
Peace Lilies
A contrasting and modern pot is all you need to make the soft leafy Peace Lilies blend effortlessly with the minimalist white living room. Place the potted Peace Lilies in any tight spot of the living room for a pleasing décor statement.
Dragon Tree
The spiky leaf with a hint of red on the outer edges makes it a top rated houseplant for indoors. To add more versatility and a style statement place dragon tree in a modern pot.
Areca Palm
Areca palm tree is an excellent living room plant which has got the air purifying score of 8.5 from NASA. Keep a pot of areca palm near the side tables to purify and beautify the living room.

Staghorn fern
For those who have square footage limitations and give more weight to vertical décor in the living room! Mount the plant on DIY pine board and display it on the wall.
English Ivy
Keep your living room more breathable and happy with a pot of English Ivy. The plant is ideal to make topiaries for the living room by using any sculptural form of your choice.
Succulent Plants
Perfect as tabletop décor in a living room, succulent plants are all about ‘less is more’ – less water, fewer nutrients. Bring in Dyckia, Euphorbia or Sedum burrito in a funky vessel or pot to your living room to give a succulent-lift to it.
Fiddle leaf fig
Want to create a focal point in the unattended corner of the living area? Place a potted Fiddle leaf fig plant. Don’t forget to keep the size in check by pruning the branches biweekly/monthly.

Who doesn’t love that big, angular split leaf of Philodendron in the living room? Place a large pot in each corner to increase the depth and dimension of an ordinary living room.
Paddle Plants
An unusually fascinating houseplant idea for the living room – A potted paddle plant! Place it in an attractive pot or wooden vessel that emphasizes its uniqueness. Display them on a center table or bookshelf to attract the attention.
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