Home decor ideas for small homes ( 24 Pics)

Home decor ideas for small homes

Calling all who wish to trick the eyes into making the home roomy and stylish! We agree that neither you nor we are blessed with a magic wand to add square footage, but it’s easier to make a small home the talk of the town. Wondering how? Infuse few designs and decor disguises – that’s it. To ease your job, we’ve got some tried and tested home decor ideas for small homes.
From space-saving tips and tricks to interior designs to furniture arrangements/repurposing to wall decor, you name it, we have it.

Less is More
Tables that convert from desks to dining tables, folding chairs that fold out into couches, storage shelf or to a base to hang things on, beds that can be converted as sofa, an adult playground or storage shelves, hollow ottoman for storage purpose etc are few smartest ways to tackle shortage of space without compromising on the comfort.

Say ‘No’ to edges
Curvy furniture is the trend of 2017 and 2018 and the home decor design forecast says ‘curvy’ style isn’t going anywhere. Statement pieces or items of furniture that aren’t end-to-end is an ideal way to create a mirage and make your small home look spacious than it actually is. So, when are you ordering some round sofas, coffee table, and a curved platform bed for your small home? By the way, did we forget to tell you that even the curvy rugs have the magic power of creating a mega illusion in mini rooms?

Think up, up, and up
It’s time to pay attention to the overlooked walls in your kitchen, bedroom, and living area – to add storage and save space. Yes, we’re talking about exploring and embracing the tens and thousands of vertical storage options out there. Narrow pull out racks for the kitchen, headboard storage shelves, vertical almirahs, bookshelves, hanging cloth racks, vertical slime wire baskets, grid towers for bathroom storage, vertical shoe hoarder – it’s a never-ending list!

Create height with curtains
Floor-to-ceiling tall drapes, simple patterned curtains in a neutral hue, slim blinds etc make low ceilings feel higher and more functional. Remember, be it living room or bedroom window treatment, striking the balance with interior decor color, the amount of natural light, and window treatment theme/color is the key here.

Go deep with layers
Thought layering is only for large spaces? You’re wrong! Adding layers can bring the required depth to your small apartment. A fabulously layered bed can make a difference in the way your bedroom looks irrespective of the square footage limitations. Remember to have a check on creating contrast with blankets, pillows, and cushions to save you from layering disasters.

Choose lights creatively
Be it natural or artificial, lights play an important role in creating a warm ambiance inside the home. White LED lights, overhead lighting like a pendant/chandelier, bedside lamps, swing-arm wall sconces, etc are some fantastic space-saving ways to instantly brighten up a room. Plus, interior decorating designers across the world agree that multiple lights in different areas create the illusion of space.

Dark walls speak more
It goes without saying that we can always count on white walls but that doesn’t mean that you are limited to white and neutral hues. For a chic and modern look try charcoal gray, navy blue, or even shades of red and olive green.

Go Big
Don’t be afraid to play with scale; small room-big bed-oversize chairs – sounds odd? Not at all! Sticking to few larger pieces of pieces of furniture will give a breathing space to the small homes as too many small things will make the room cluttered.

Float the furniture
Leaning on someone isn’t good always, agree or not? Designers say furnitures aren’t an exception to this rule as well especially when there is space limitation. Pulling all the furnitures away from the wall and leaving a free space behind makes the room look dynamic and roomier. Creating a furniture island or establishing a territory between kitchen and living space is easier with floating ideas.

Strategically arranged gallery wall
Sometimes one big commanding piece of art on the living room or bedroom wall is all you need to spruce up the look of the small rooms. Neutral or dark wall abstract works, mixed-media canvas, and modern pop art works wonders.
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