Girls room paint ideas ( 25 Pics)

Girls room paint ideas
There are various elements that play a crucial role in combination as well as in individual usage for creating a specific look and feel of a space. Right from the color, texture, flooring materials, wall materials to furniture, everything has a significant importance when it comes to the interior design of a room or space. But the predominant element in altering the look of the space is the color scheme used for that particular space. Colors have certain therapeutic properties which determine how a person feels in a given room which has been painted with a specific color. Diverse combinations and amalgamations in color scheme can completely transform the ambiance and the aura of a room. Some of the best painting ideas for a girl’s room are as follows:

A retro-pink color theme:
Pink is often a color that is been widely associated with girls. It turns out to be a very elegant color if the right proportion and combination along with the shade are used in the interior of the room. Different shades of pink color varying from light to dark can be used in layers in the walls of the room to give a retro theme. But this color scheme should be matched with white or any complimentary single color to enhance the space even more. Every girl would love to have a pink colored room. But such a design choice would not only create a pink ambience but would also stand out from the usual pink color theme used in a girl’s bedroom.

A multi-color theme:
This could be a very fun idea for a teenage girl’s bedroom. Application of multiple colors could surely be a vibrant choice for painting the walls of the bedroom for young girls. Use of different colors for different elements like furniture, curtains, walls, and floors will give a pop look to the room. The design of the room could vary according to the different colors chosen in the room and according to the preferences of the client. But the utilization of different colors should be done in a meticulous manner to provide the best look possible with that particular color pallet. If the divergent colors used do not go with each other, it can even spoil the existing look of the space. People opting for this choice of painting should definitely consult an experienced interior designer to come up with an interesting combination of colors.

A color grid theme:
This can prove to be an extremely creative yet effortless idea of painting the walls of a girl’s bedroom. Marking squares of different sizes on the walls of the room and using two to three bold dark colors to color these squares while leaving the rest of the wall in the white color paint could undoubtedly be a great idea for people willing to do something different. It not only alters but also presents a very minimalistic look to the room. This idea can be used for a young girl’s as well an adult girl’s bedroom. The use of white furniture or light colored furniture items will absolutely enhance the appearance of the painting on the wall by making it the complete focus in the entire room.

A textured paint theme:
This painting idea has become quite popular in the recent times. Instead of a plain color, use of color with embedded designs or textures can be an interesting painting alternative. The kind of texture or design in the paint used will regulate the kind of furniture to be used in that space. If a geometric pattern in the paint is being applied to the walls, furniture pieces with undistorted geometry will really help in complimenting and enhancing the look.

If a more organic design is being used, furniture with rounded edges or different shapes would intensify the particular wall design. The furniture pieces used in this type of painting idea should not stand out to be the focus of the room as the wall should do that. Apart from various designs and patterns, there is even an option of customizing it more by drawing and painting of cartoon characters on the walls for the bedroom of small girls.

These are some of the best painting ideas that can be diligently applied for a girl’s bedroom. There are new innovations coming up in the paint industry as they are trying to bring new themes and new ideas that can be used in painting various surfaces and not just walls. People always have the opportunity of personalizing and customizing any paint idea according to their interests and priorities.

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