Girls dressing table ideas ( 25 Pics)

Girls dressing table ideas
Nobody can deny this that every girl out there is pretty, beautiful in her own way. Girls know how to carry themselves and make men fall for them by their beautiful face. That beautiful face needs a bit touch up and that is where dressing table comes in the picture. The need and demand of every girl before anything in this world is a dressing table and for a beautiful face, a beautiful dressing table is needed.
So if you are searching for a perfect girl dressing table, here are some of the ideas that can surely help you

1 Stylish design
Now a days no girl will adjust or manage with the old designer dressing table that lacks a lot many new features and is outdated. A stylish designer dressing table is the demand of every girl. A dressing table should have a stylish design, something that will please the eyes of the girls as they will be spending their best time of the day in front of it. Also on certain occasions, their friends might come to their place and dressing table for a girl is a status symbol. If not any of the above, then at least you need a good dressing table that goes well with your designer room.

2 A good size mirror
Mirror is the is the most important part of the dressing table. A mirror should have good length and width. A small mirror will show only the face. So when you want to get ready for some occasion or try out your new dress, you won’t get the clear picture because of the small mirror. You won’t be able to identify the flaws of the dress. So it of great importance that the mirror should be of a good size.

3 Sufficient light
After the mirror, the light is the next most important thing of a dressing table. If there is insufficient light, it will be hard for you to get ready. Makeup such as mascara and eyeliner demand sufficient light and insufficient light can cause an eye infection or an injury. They are various ways to put lights. A frame of bulbs, which is commonly used by makeup artist as it provides sufficient light and from every angle, will be best. If not that, a bright bulb or light placed on the dressing table would be sufficient. Also the colour of the bulb matters. A yellow shade bulb would display textures a bit yellow. So a white bright bulb would be perfect.

4 Sufficient space
A dressing table should have sufficient space. We all are aware with the quantity of dressing materials every girl has and to keep all of that, a lot of space is needed. If there is less space or insufficient space, the dressing material would not fit in the drawers of the dressing table and if they are kept anywhere else, there is a possibility of misplacing and losing them. So you should check the space before you buy a dressing table.

5 A stool or a chair to sit
Dressing table is incomplete without a chair or stool depending upon the style and the design of the dressing table. Be it a stool or a chair, doesn’t matter, but there should be something to sit. In daily life, you won’t usually spend a lot of time in dressing up but on certain occasions you will surely spend a lot time in getting ready and if you don’t want to get tired, you need to sit and get ready. Sitting is also important as it is comfortable and you can take your time to get ready. Especially for older ladies, it is a need. A stool should also possess certain qualities. Firstly, it should be according to the height of person who is going to use it and secondly, it should not be shaky at all.

6 ‘Everything in place’
Women are very particular and like to keep their accessories in place. So a dressing table should have bars, holders, drawers, etc to keep the accessories in place. For instance, bangles should be handled with care, if not they will break. So to keep the bangles safe you need place them on a rod or a bar, away from other stuff. There might be more than a pair of bangles so at least 2 to 3 rods or bars should be there.

A hanger would be needed to hold the hair dryer. Small drawers to keep the nail pains and other small  accessories. Without these features a dressing table will be a mess. So you need to check the availability of these features.

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