Furniture Arrangement in the Living Room – Tips and Tricks ( 24 Pics)

Furniture Arrangement in the Living Room – Tips and Ideas

Choosing the furniture especially for the living room is, of course, one of the most important investments towards crafting a warm atmosphere for the family. Having said that, how furniture is arranged in the living room is equally important. To achieve the visual interest, one must know how to blend the furniture into the room’s layout. If you’re unsure about how to arrange the pieces of furniture, here are few best practices for furniture arrangement in the living room.

Embrace the conference style
Be it two stylish sofas in a small living room or multitude pieces of furniture in a larger space, let them face the coffee table in the room. Not only does it create a perfect balance in the arrangement, but creates an intimate feel that may encourage conversation. The conference style arrangement when paired with fireplace, bookshelf or TV is ideal for enjoying the at-home time.

Define the space with chairs
Who says sofas and loveseats are mandatory to set up a welcoming seating arrangement? Four comfy and woodsy accent chairs hold the potential to create a style statement beyond the imagination. Position two chairs opposite to each other and two in a horizontal line for a crisp furniture arrangement in the living room. Irrespective of whether you have a minimalist decor theme or a modern, chic decor in place,

Create an illusion with diagonals
Diagonally arranged furniture changes the flow of a room, allows you to move main and accent pieces away from the wall, and can create the illusion of a larger space. After setting up the diagonal axis with sofa and coffee table, start arranging the room following the established axis.

Decide on a focal point
Be it the living room or bedroom the first thing that catches our eyes is the focal point. Focal points can be anything – a TV, fireplace, artworks, floor lamp, a dual-duty table or chandelier. Arranging the furniture in the living room to emphasize the focal point is a great way to add liveliness to space. Most importantly, furniture arrangements around the focal point take the focus off the less attractive things in the living room.

Pull them away from the walls
If you have no square footage limitations, try floating the furniture into smaller, closer, and intimate groupings. By pulling the furniture away from the walls, you can divide the room and create traffic flow behind the furniture. Plus, if you have a stunningly beautiful focal point in the middle, people need to sit closer to it. What say?

Geometric designs are on the trend
Geometric styles are a fantastic way to make your living room more distinctive. So do not hesitate to embrace squares, circles, and semicircles to keep the family gathering or conversations relaxed. A half circle or a semi-circle arrangement around a coffee table is ideal if you have chairs and no sofa. For the living rooms with spacious windows, place chairs or couches in a perpendicular fashion so you can enjoy the serene outdoors.

The ‘L’ for small living rooms
To give effortless style to the small living space, use the L-shaped sofa, a simple footrest or a coffee table. A corner placement, back against the wall or strategic placement in the middle – all three are ideal in creating a visual interest.

For Square Living Rooms
A main sofa flanked on either sides by chairs or couches and a subtle lighting fixture on the left side of the living room, two single seater sofas flanking the fireplace with a bench and an accent chair flanking each sofa or sofa and conversation area on one side counterbalanced by TV on the opposite side – few furniture arrangement ideas for living room!

And, finally, a few tips to chew on…
* Measure the living room area before purchasing sofas and chairs so the size of the furniture will not have a say on visual impact and effortless traffic flow.
* Make sure your furniture comfortably sit on the rug. A rug that is too small or too big isn’t a good deal for your living room.
* Keep in mind the low-high rule of designing. For example, the height of the coffee table in the living area should always be lower than the sofa and chairs around.

Do your homework so you don’t face any unwelcome surprises when you revamp or style the living room for the very first time.
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