Floating shelves ideas ( 25 images )

Floating shelves ideas
The extent of functionality and aesthetics of the house is determined by the amount of storage space and décor items fixed in the different areas and rooms of the house. An ample amount of storage space is very essential to keep all the personal belongings as well as some pieces of art. It ensures safety and organization in that particular space. There are different modules of storage can be designed amongst which floating shelves are one of the common trends utilized by people in the interiors of the house like living areas, kitchen, and bedrooms. These shelves appear to be attached to the walls without any support which makes them look extremely chic and sophisticated. Some of the modern floating shelves ideas for the various areas of the house are as follows:

A geometric module:
Geometry in any element often marks the space in a striking manner with its bold lines and angles. A floating shelf arranged in a grid-like geometric pattern on the wall above the sofa can be the most captivating thing when one first glances through that space. It can complement the geometric rug pattern and plain furniture in a living room if the proportions are decently maintained. The wall should be in light or white color to carve out a floating shelf on it so that it becomes the focus of the entire space. It makes the whole space look modern and contemporary.

An L-shaped pattern:
There can be various junctions of wall areas which can look quite boring in a well-furnished living room. This bland L junction can be enhanced by adding floating shelves starting from the ceiling to the floor level to guide the eye in that direction and make that corner useful for the storage of either art pieces, decorative items or books. The size and proportions should be carefully considered depending upon the type of material to be stored or kept on the shelves. A simple design of bold color floating shelves can also alter the appearance of the room completely because of the organization style.

A combination of Glass and light:
This is one of the most modern floating shelf ideas that is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the interior designers wanting to do something absolutely modern. An LED glass floating shelf can be a great idea for lighting up and making a corner or a niche captivating to the eye as soon as one enters that particular space. This is a very modern concept because of which it should be meticulously placed in a space which complements its chic style. If it is being placed in a room which has vintage or contemporary style furnishing, then it might spoil the existing look of the space. So an experienced designer can definitely help in picking up the right choice of floating shelf idea.

A supportive design:
The design of the floating shelf can in itself be a piece of decoration or art placed in the living room area. A floating shelf designed in the form of a shape or engraved with artistic details can stand out to be a great work of artistry for people aspiring to play with versatile designs. There are various such categories of floating shelves prevalent in the market. But they can also be customized according to individual preferences and storage choices.

A floating shelf in the form of a character can be designed to store books and toys in a children’s bedroom. Similarly, a floating shelf designed as an engraved wood carving can be placed in the bedroom or living room to enhance its appearance and character.

A blend in the space:
Floating shelves of the same texture, material, and color as the wall on which they are designed to be placed can make it look blended with the surface material. This will make it appear like the items placed on the shelf are not being supported by any surface and give it a floating character. It can be an interesting idea of storage in a kitchen area to store the food containers and utensils of different shapes and sizes.

They can also be the focus in a large space with multiple such invisible shelves or in a reading room where the books will appear to be floating on the wall. It is not just a functional storage idea but also an exceptionally creative proposition.

Apart from the above ideas, these floating shelves can even be designed by the client and make it more personal in nature by taking the help of talented professionals in the field.

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