Flaming Fireplace Ideas for Living Room ( 23 images )

The fireplace is a place to warm oneself and to go out and warm and cheer others.  Fireplace in a living room could be the place to find fire in one’s soul.  The irony of a fireplace is that in spite of being associated with destruction there are therapeutic and spiritual factors to a fireplace. Like the smallest things which warm the heart the sacred fireplace in a living room could warm not only the body but also the hearts of the family.  On a cold night soaking the heat from the controlled flames of our fireplace is like feeling heaven.

Evolution of fireplaces:
Fireplaces were part and parcel of human life from the cave age and evolved over the centuries and modernized with technological development as per the needs. From stone fireplaces to chimneys, the aesthetic movement of the mid-1880s, the convection chamber of Benjamin Franklin, fireplaces have become the pride of a family with its model and decorations.  Sheet metal, marble, tiles, glass, ethanol, and electric fireplaces replaced the wooden or gas fireplaces.
Types of fireplaces:
The fireplaces with the need and requirement are off different types. The modern-day technology has made it possible to manufacture portable fireplaces to help mankind.
> Mounted electric fireplaces
> Electric fireplace stoves
> Electric mantel fireplaces
> Fixed or free-standing electric fireplaces.
> Bio-ethanol fireplaces
> Portable fireplaces
> Eco-friendly fireplaces

Fireplace accessories: To accelerate the burning and cradle fuel accessories of the fireplace differ as per the demographical location.  The recent western cultures utilize the grates, pellet baskets, fire dogs, andirons, log boxes, and iron bar grates to retain fuel for a fire.  For decoration and to re-radiate heat metal fire backs are used in some regions and also to protect the fireplace.  From accessories for safety and efficiency, they have evolved to one for decoration with style and beauty to make the living room a much-relaxed one.     Fireplaces are the focal point of arranging the furniture and decorating the living room as desired.  The more the luxury the more the decors to make an ambience of joyful living in the living rooms.
Fireplace decors: With imagination and innovation fireplaces are decorated as the per the needs and desires.  From stone, brick to contemporary, fireplaces can be built and decorated in a living room to give the feeling of relaxation in this much stressed filled world.  Some very good themes and ideas for fireplace decors are described below:

Flowering branches fireplace: Flowering branches and the birch logs fireplace bring in the natural ambience and with the dove white custom mantels with the proper mirror makes this kind of fireplace one of the most preferred ones.
Curated fireplaces: Well-Organized fireplaces with hanging decorations and lighting make the curated fireplaces the best ones.
Heritage fireplaces: The cast iron fireplaces surrounded with a library gives in the look of a heritage fireplace.
Rustic fireplaces: For a rustic look stone or waxed pine with an art above the mantel could give the rustic look for those who desire to have a  rustic fireplace.
Wood paneled fireplaces: Like the traditional wood fireplaces, the modern technology has made it possible to make wood paneled fireplaces with wooden fixtures hanging above it will give the traditional effect to the fireplaces.

Nautical tile fireplaces: For the seaside feel in the living room fireplaces with antique blue tiles and with a blue surrounding could be built in the living room.
Painted fireplaces: To make the fireplace a part of the wall décor with blue and white colors including green pops and auberge will give the painted fireplaces a lavish and luxury look with proper lightings matching the colors of the wall décor.
Contemporary fireplaces: Custom made mantels made on a large scale could make even an apartment into a contemporary fairy tale home.
Brick fireplaces: To bring the effect of the middle ages brick fireplaces with crafty brick surroundings could bring in the change in the look of a modern-day fireplace.
Eco-friendly fireplaces: Ethanol fireplaces which are environmentally friendly and with a warm dancing flame create a sight of wonderfulness and excitement to bring in the relaxation in the living room.

Portable fireplaces: The 125 ml bio-ethanol burner with its minimalist size could fit in any table and blend with any type of interiors could give in the charming ambience of the real flame.  These small bioethanol fireplaces could be used even in a garden for a cosy evening and with the dancing flames could give in the experience never to be forgotten.
The sky is the limit in creating fireplaces with Inspiring flames of imagination and sophisticated styles for warm relaxation and happiness of the family in the living room.

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