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To have a reprieve from the concrete jungle of the city atmosphere, many want their home to have a farmhouse look. Most of the people have come to the city only from humble farmhouses in native places. The feeling or experience of living in the farmhouse is the blood of most of the people.  It is the reason that many yearn for a farmhouse look of their tiny homes or apartments.  Though the size of the current dwellings varies from the farmhouse, the decorations can sure make it look like one.

Nowadays, farmhouse style is all about nostalgic memories. Also, it is more about airy, orderly, and above all, welcoming friends and relatives. Hence the farmhouse decorations should be warm, cozy, relaxing full of charm and character.  Eschewing modern sensibilities to go back to the countryside simpler time is the key to fantastic farmhouse decorating ideas.  But the current needs have to be balanced with the older looks is the trick of fabulous farmhouse décor ideas.  Also, excellent farmhouse decorating ideas should sink with nature, as that is the basis of any farmhouse decoration.

Farmhouse decorating fundamentals

Many people of the current and previous generation will surely have experienced living in a farmhouse during their earlier lifetime. Some may even have the luckiest opportunity of living part-time in a native place farmhouse. But today’s millennial people only have little knowledge of how a farmhouse looks except for a rare few of them.  Hence to decorate the homes with farmhouse décor ideas, knowing the fundamentals of farmhouse decoration is essential.  The following are some of such fundamentals to decorate your home or apartment like that of a farmhouse.

  • Do not make your home look kitschy with wrong decorative ideas of the farmhouse like having sunflower paintings, fruit wallpapers, barnyard animals as a motif. All these will not make your home look like a farmhouse but will make it look corny.
  • Farmhouse decorations should not look too delicate or costly. Older farmhouses were natural and decorated with whatever handy looked beautiful and of value. Decorative items should be hardy and maintaining some style and sophistication. The style should be of hand-me-downs, and flea market finds with a combination of newer pieces. It is like the stainless steel appliances with modern light fixtures along with an old harvest table that will give a fantastic farmhouse kitchen look.
  • Avoid buying all decorative farmhouse items from a single store or a unique brand and mix up with as many as possible. It is because farmhouse decorations were a mix of time tested items. If the table is modern and from one store, go for vintage chairs from the other store.
  • Check for antique shows to get things of nostalgic values. It could be a bar cart to display books or accessories’ or an antique armoire to make an excellent coat closet. Adding vintage pieces to your home will add a farmhouse character.
  • Do not rush to decorate your home like a farmhouse. Remember, farmhouses were decorated for generations, and hence taking time is the crucial factor. Stop buying things for farmhouse decoration for the sake of buying it or to satisfy your selling spree. The charm and character of a farmhouse cannot be bought in a day.  Take time to visit a lot of antique shows, showrooms, and many stores to get the right one you love for a home to look like a farmhouse.

Four fantastic farmhouse décor ideas

Many leading decorators have vied with one another for providing the best farmhouse décor ideas. But for everyone, there will be an innate farmhouse decoration idea that can be only tailor-made by them. It could be DIY skills if there are enough time and resources.  Or to check through the various farmhouse décor ideas given below could be useful to change your home to the farmhouse of your past or dreams.

  1. Vintage is the key to farmhouse decorations

Vintage furniture, lightings, and other things along with the new stuff in your home will bring in the farmhouse look you much wanted.  New sofas with old tables and chairs will give a unique farmhouse look.  Also, a great modern designed hall with vintage schoolhouse fixtures and throwback signage could be marvelous.

  1. Barn boards & wood beams

To add history and country character to your home use reclaimed barn board or wood beams.  They also bring an element of nature to your home, along with some architectural detail.

  1. Erect a butcher block counter

Farmhouse kitchens with butcher block counters will give a relaxing feeling for you.  When treated rightly, they will be in good shape and have rustic quality for a long time. The kitchen island is another alternative for butcher block in your kitchen.

  1. Weathered finishes

For creating a farmhouse look rough, weathered finishes are the right choice. Their raw wood and peeling paint can transform your home to that of a farmhouse. It is not that to look too dilapidated but also not too shiny or new for a farmhouse look.

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