Correspondence regarding the Simplified Sign System

Thank you very much for your interest in the Simplified Sign System and 

Simplified Sign System is a project that is intended to be a help 
in establishing communication by and with individuals with impaired 
speech. The system consists of a lexicon of 500 manual signs that 
can be used in combination with speech. For many users, a limited 
number of manual signs are easier to produce, to recognize, and to 
remember than spoken words. Manual signs may help users to  communicate  their messages with increased transparency.

The build-up of the SSS lexicon and the principles about how the 
signs must be taught and used in daily communication are based on 
what is presently known about how communication and language are 
processed in the mind. 

At present, the authors of the system are preparing a manual for 
parents and clinicians that will address issues such as (1) how 
to select a first sign vocabulary, (2) how to teach manual signs, 
(3) for whom can the system be helpful, (4) why does the system 
work?, (5) how to integrate the system in an educational plan.

At this point, questions can be sent to [email protected].