Decor pool for birthday party ( 26 images )

Décor pool for birthday party
Birthdays are one of the special occasion in every individual’s life. The traditional methods of celebrating the birthday used to involve cutting of cakes, eating food, dancing, and music. But in the recent times, the traditional methods have taken a back seat because of the emergence of new trends in the celebration and entertainment niche.

These days’ birthdays are celebrated with extravagant style with the help of themes and décor ideas that are available in varied and innovative criteria as per the requirements of the customer. These decoration services for different occasions is often provided by various companies and even management organizers. Some of the prominent pool décor ideas for birthday parties are as follows:

A Play with balloons:
The most common type of décor found in any birthday party is the balloon and ribbons décor. This does not confine to any specific age group but rather is universal to all when it comes to the celebration of a birthday. Having a poolside party for a birthday could be made more interesting and visually appealing with a balloon décor. It adds a certain kind of fun element for the entire celebration. The type of balloons used for the décor would largely determine the character of the place that is decorated on.

The advent of characters:
This theme in the birthday party décor is more appropriate for small children. Even if the celebration is a poolside event, this décor definitely changes the complete ambiance of the space by transforming the timeline of the present. Children are always fascinated by Disney cartoon characters or fairy tales. So a décor based on that particular theme is the best alternative to make a children’s birthday vividly memorable for them. The other themes similar to this could be a Barbie and princess themed décor which is specifically meant for teenage and young girls.

The delight of candles:
This kind of décor is more suitable during the night time as it will make the complete look of the space very extravagant. The decoration of candles teamed with the presence of a water body completely alters the appearance and environment of the place. The candles used for the decoration can vary from different sizes, shapes, and colours to numerous fragrances. Space gets changed not only through visuals but also through smell with the use of scented candles for furnishing.

A stay in the jungle:
This is also a popular choice of décor for a poolside birthday party for children. This is a theme adopted mostly by the birthday party of the toddlers and small children. But the variation in a few design elements, this theme can also explore to its full potential for the adult birthday party. It can prove to be a great theme for outdoor birthday parties with the help of props and other necessary equipment. This type of décor is best managed with the help of a professional event management service.

Masquerade ball:
A masquerade themed décor near the pool for a birthday party could be an interesting alternative for adults and people seeking out something innovative for an outdoor environment. In a masquerade theme, people generally wear a mask and come to the party which will make the whole affair a bit formal but at the same time maintain the informal character of a birthday party. The uttermost informal element in this formal themed décor would be the presence of the pool. This could be a very innovative combination if the design elements are taken care of generously.

Décor based on function:
At times the decoration of a birthday party is kept minimal with the use of simple elements but the party is being hosted by various entertainers. This provides a special experience to the people and the guests of the party. So the décor for such kind of a birthday party can be carried out according to the requirements of these entertainers. The provision of different props and elements in the place of the party can not only make the activities to be carried out by the entertainers effortless but also changes the look and feel of the space for the functions to be carried out.

These services of decoration and evet management offered by companies are often misunderstood as being welcomed by an elite class of people in the society. But given the diversity and versatility in the character and functioning that these services have achieved, it is now equally catering to all classes of the society. This particular niche of service providers is trying to come up with more creative solutions for a more enriching user experience.

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