Decor ideas for the pool area ( 21 photos )

Decor ideas for the pool area


Having a beautiful pool is a dream for all of us. What makes a poolside even more appealing and attractive is a beautiful pool area. Your pool area should be designed to create a peaceful ambiance and make people feel to just sit back and relax, at the same time it should also be able to bring out the kid out of your friends and family. Often people underestimate the importance of the area around the pool but the key to having a beautiful environment is to maintain the poolside. The first step to get an amazing pool area is to decide on the budget that you wish to put in for decoration. After you are done with that it becomes a lot easier to decide what to get for your poolside decor. Though it isn’t easy to filter out the best possible ideas so here are some of the best decor ideas for your pool area which will help you make the right choice.


A grassy poolside with a rocky pathway


If you have an outdoor pool then this is one of the best and the coolest decor ideas. Lay down some grass around the poolside and then make a rocky pathway through it. This will help give your pool area a much more natural look. To make the environment look a lot more realistic place some big rock right around the poolside. To further enhance the look you can place pots on both the sides of the pathway.


Place a hammock near the pool


This will definitely help you in creating a comforting vibe around your pool area. There are endless designs to choose from. Pick up a nice color for your hammock. For an outdoor pool, the light color is always a good choice. Through some pillows to make the hammock more comfortable.


Get a barbeque and set up a few chairs


Nothing can be better than having a barbeque around the pool with your peers on a holiday. Set up a barbeque and throw in a few chairs and you are good to go. If you frequently host barbeque parties for your friends and family then you can even place a table to sit around and have fun while having your food.


In-pool chaise


It is one of the least explored but one of the most effective way to create a beautiful lounge area around in your pool. If you are not among those who want to do this in the usual way then this idea is definitely for you. Put up a few chairs to allow yourself and your guests to relax and enjoy in the pool.


Bar on the poolside


A bar next to the pool does look quite classy. Also, it also serves as a place to relax while you are not in the pool. An in-pool bar is also an amazing idea. You can place the chairs in the pool while the bar is just next to it. This is a unique way to pop things up around your swimming pool.


Dining table in the pool area


This is possibly the most practical decor. Place a funky looking dining set near the pool. Choose a light color for the tables and chairs, white will be a great choice. You can choose the shape and size which suits your place the best. It will not only serve as a resting place but can be used to serve drinks and snacks to the guests. Plus a morning breakfast next to the pool will make your day.


A pool table


Swimming pools are the best places to relax. Having a few games will increase the fun. You can place a snooker table in your pool area. Not only will this make the place look more fun but will also give your guests something to engage in.


All these poolside decor ideas are going to work well. All you need to make sure in order to get the best decor is to properly manage the area that is available and plan accordingly.



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