Decor Ideas for Living Room ( 23 pictures )

Decor Ideas for Living Room
Some people call it the living room, others call it the sitting room or some refer to it simply as the lounge. Irrespective of what we call it, the one thing that everybody seems to agree on is that the living room is the one place which creates the first and the most profound impression on the visitors as well as the residents. The living room virtually defines the occupants. Earlier just maintaining a clean living room was enough for people, but today when we are so invested in giving a personal touch to each and every element in our homes, it becomes imperative to give a long and hard thought on how to go about setting our living room so as to make it a statement-making space.

In a living room, we have the freedom to bring about a subtle theme. It entirely depends on the wall finishing, the type of floor finishes, the nature of the furniture, the amount and size of the openings, the lighting provided etc. Some of the more prevalent themes that people usually apply to the living room are those of a fisherman’s shack or a country house, or a remodeled barn, or even a country inn. But everybody cannot afford to really go ahead with themed living rooms. For one thing it needs quiet a lot of space and additionally each and every piece of décor should be in sync with the overall theme, which can be at times extremely tiring.

People with space deficit living rooms should know that they can also create an exciting and interesting space with a bit of planning. It all depends on the arrangement of the furniture and the manner in which one wishes to orient one’s living room. The seating arrangements should be oval with a central island. The living room is the space that should be pampered the most. And for this purpose all the chairs or couches present there should be extremely comfortable. Unlike other spaces in a house, when it comes to living room, comfort and aesthetics takes the precedence over all other qualities. Good-looking, comfortable furniture can make even a small space appear a beautiful living room.

The paint on the walls can totally make or break a living room. Dark shades can give a bold look to a large living room but can make a small room appear extremely compressed. As a result, lighter shades are always the best option to go for when it comes to the smaller rooms. Similarly bright shades can be used to bring about the vibrancy in a room but only after ensuring that it enlivens the room.

Living room is the soul of a house. It’s the place where all the activities are concentrated. Its like the town square. And for this very reason it’s the most important one from the décor point of view. Follow your heart, plan it the way you want to see it, and the living room will invariably be beautiful.

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