Decor Dressing Area Ideas ( 17 pictures )

Décor Dressing Area Ideas
You could have a large master bedroom or a tiny bedroom, you will always like to have a dressing room for your personal grooming and dressing-up needs. If you apply a bit of creativity and intelligence, you can decorate your dressing room in the most unique manner.

A dressing area can be added with glamorous, practical and elegant factors, depending upon your preferences. You can create more luxury with more money, but also remember that you have to make it practical and organized. Some of the coolest décor dressing area ideas are as follows.

Summer-Themed Dressing Room
A bright and fresh dressing room will always elevate your mood when you dress up. Choose a white color chandelier and a white-frame mirror. Place a vase with fresh flowers. Make sure there is a window near the chandelier and the natural light sinks in the dressing area.

Enhance the seating area of the dressing room
A seating such as an ottoman, or a chair or a bench is necessary to be placed in a dressing room. For decoration purpose, you can enhance the look of this seating area. If you are a kind of person who spends more time in trying clothes, shoes or checking fashion blogs, or have a cup of coffee while getting ready, then your seating area could be a bench with hidden storage in it. You can place this bench in front of the window and have lacy white curtains to hide it. Wow! It will be a perfect place to relax while getting ready for the special occasion.

Shared dressing room
It may happen that more than one person wants to get ready at the same time. Obviously, both of them need privacy and space. For this purpose, you can built a make-up station instead of a single chandelier. It is simple. Add two small tables, two stools and two mirrors back-to-back. Both of you can get ready without peeping in each other’s mirrors.

Choose glass cabinet over wooden ones
If you are a pure fashionista and have a cute collection of vintage accessories, earrings, hats and necklaces shopped from different parts of the world, you ought to flaunt it. In this case, a glass cabinet will serve the purpose. It will add a color to your room as you place your multi-colored collection in it. Thus, you will not only highlight your clothes with hanging metal rods but will also illuminate your accessories’ collection.

The Library Ladder
You must have seen a ladder either in the library or at the shops. But you can enhance the look of your dressing room by placing a ladder in it. A cool ladder can help you to access your accessories and apparel easily, even if they are stored at a higher level. In addition to a funky look, you can use this ladder as a display for hanging next day’s scarf or an outfit. But remember that you do not crowd that ladder too much, erasing its cool effect.

Vintage-styled dressing room
If you have gathered a few antique pieces from all over the globe, then you can definitely create a vintage-styled dressing room. Be a minimalist when you choose this style. For instance, a vintage dresser and a chair will do a wonderful job, without any need to add extra furniture.

Create mirrored wardrobes
If your dressing room is small, then you can choose mirrored wardrobes instead of glass or wooden doors. It will make your room appear bigger and brighter. You can choose white color frames for the cabinet. If you have another cabinet beside it, then choose white color only. It will give a nice monochromatic look. Here, do not choose a white chair. Instead, go for the most comfortable pink or green colored chair with an attractive upholstery and fabric. Decorate it with cushions.

Choose neutral colors and a traditional theme
If you do not want to make your dressing room too fancy, then choose neutral colors for the upholstery and fabric. Buy simple and traditional furniture. You should feel calm and soothing when you dress up in this dressing room.

A modern dressing room
We have discussed a traditional dressing room above. Let’s move to a modern dressing room. Black furniture and a sky-blue wallpaper can give a modern look. Choose aquatic accents instead of floral prints and patterns. You can even have a spark of a photographic studio by placing such lights.
Thus, these décor dressing area ideas will give your dressing room a chic and elegant look as well.

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