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Kids’ rooms, as we know have to be bright and colorful and cheery looking. All the colors that we introduce to a kids room have to emanate a positive vibe which is so important. We don’t want them to grow up in a dimly lit room with dark colors on the walls and other décor items. Its very depressing to young minds and usually ends up making the room unattractive to the kids themselves. Bright colors like yellow, red or blue are always the best choices for all the elements in a kids’ room. Special care should also be taken about the quality of the fabrics used. The fabrics used for the curtains, the seating of chairs, the bedding etc. should be soft, and of a color which is complementary to the colors of the other items in the room.

The most fun that we can have while planning a kids’ room curtain is when we churn through the different patterns that are available to be used to adorn the windows of the kids’ room. Anything from simple polka dots to fishes and other random animals can look exciting when they hang in a kids’ room. A part of it also has to do with the fact that they are actually really intrigued by these patterns and appreciates them unlike the adults, in whom cynicism has taken hold.

As has been already mentioned previously, the colors attain a real significance when it comes to a kids’ room. The curtains should be such that they extend this feeling of cheerfulness. Light blue or violet colors are very attractive when used as curtains. They can also provide the background for a lot of patterns like flowers or seas or skies. That is the result of these evergreen colors. Usually light shades should be used which are transparent so that some sunlight can stream in through them and does not render the entire room dark if completely drawn.

The fabric used should not be too rough to touch at. Usually fluffy curtains should be preferred for the kids are more attracted to them. But then again the fabric should be easy to clean and should not hold dust on for too long. All the fabrics in the kids’ rooms need to be washed and cleaned at regular intervals and should not be allowed to stay on for long.

Choosing curtains for a kids’ room is actually a fun activity. It’s an activity where each one has a huge scope for innovation and experimentation. The kids are always open to newer ideas and are looking out to make their rooms as cheerful and exciting as possible. The options available in the markets are endless and very diverse. If we can put our ideas in, we can come up with some really eye catching designs and patterns. It doesn’t take much to make the kids happy, unlike us, but that should not mean that we take an easy route out. Stick to the basics of room décor and plan out a beautiful fabric arrangement for your kids’ room.

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