Creative Toothbrush Holders Ideas for Kids Bathroom ( 26 pictures )


A bathroom is a personal space for all of us. Before stepping in for a shower or for cleaning purposes, we always want the bathroom to be spic and span and organized. We want the things to be at the right places and the floor to be dry But what about the little knick-knacks that are thrown here and there in hurry. You ought to have some simple organizational ideas for them.

Today, we will be showering you with some ideas for your toothbrush holder and how to add in a zing of DIY and customization in there. If you want to make teeth-brushing joyful and fun, it’s your time to work on it and come up with some sparky ideas. Recently DIY’s are trending a lot. The reason behind this is that it gives in the quirkiest look to the bathroom that is budget-friendly. To give you the added comfort, we present you with some of the DIY’s for your toothbrush holders so that your small space is utterly presentable.

Mugs of Different Colors: This is the simplest hack to spruce up your washroom a little bit and fills it with vivid colors. All you need to do is take up some mason jars or glass jars and paint them using waterproof paints. In case you have little monsters roaming around in the bathroom area, you can paint up the plastic jars instead of glass jars. Additionally, you can cover the surface of the jars with some pebbles or you can write a nice quote on the front side of the jars, using a permanent marker. Give your washroom a crazy twist.

Toothbrush Holder with Toys: If it’s okay with your little one, you can take the toys and use them as a toothbrush holder. This trick is really easy to pull off. All you need to do is make a hole in the toy and stuff in your toothbrushes. From now on, cleaning up your teeth will be exciting for your tiny tot.

Hook up the Walls: These days’ toothbrushes come with a little hole in the bottom. You can buy some hooks from the hardware stores and hang up your toothbrushes on the wall. Super cheap and a handy tip for your toothbrush organization.

Wall pockets: This tip is perfect for bathrooms with small areas. You can get some hooks and a cloth towel that has got numerous pockets. You can hook up the towel pockets on the wall and stuff in your toothbrush and other essentials there.

Plastic Bottle Utilization: All of us have plastic bottles lying around the house. Instead of throwing those into the environment and polluting it let us recycle them or use them in a different way. Take the backside of the plastic bottle and use it as a toothbrush holder. To avoid the rough edges of the plastic bottle you can use sandpaper to smoothen them. Secondly, you can use silicon gun and cover the rough edges with the glue. Paint the plastic bottles and decorate them with some vivid, quirky stuff.

Wooden Toothbrush Holder: Make a visit to a nearby furniture shop and gather all the little wooden pieces. Make sure that they are small, rectangular logs. Fix the wooden pieces using super glue in a shape of the container. Paint them or embellish them with different quotes and make it look aesthetic.

Legos Toothbrush Holder: In case you are doing up the washroom of your kids, you can add in a touch of fun by taking the Lego pieces and assembling them in the form of a toothbrush holder. Use all the even pieces from the game and add in as many colors as you can.

Rope toothbrush holder: Are you a water baby? Are you a big fan of seagull, anchors and ship ropes? Here is your chance to turn your washroom into a dock. Take some jute rope, a vase, and super glue. Wrap the glass container using the jute rope and you have a simple yet stylish toothbrush holder.

Glass Bottle Caps Toothbrush Holder: We all have loads of plastic caps lying in our dustbins. Here is a trick to utilize these worthless yet useful plastic caps. Spray the plastic caps with some silver color and cut out an opening. Attach Velcro on the back of the caps and hook up your toothbrushes. You have a classy toothbrush holder at your disposal.

Mentioned above are some of the easiest DIY’s to help you organize your bathroom space. So go ahead people get on your toes, make your washroom look classy.

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