Cool Ideas to decor your kids Room ( 25 Pics)

Kids cherish different stories about pirates, fairy-tales, cowboys and surely for cartoons. Girls play dolls, imagine themselves to be a princess or famous ballerina. Children feel very happy when we create a bedroom for them that appreciates their own character and things on which they shower love. Here are some bedroom ideas specially designed for your young people and you can choose any of your choice.

Great Super-heroes living with you:
Boys adore Spiderman, Batman, Superman and many imaginary heroes. In today’s market, we find a lot of different themed furnitures which we have to choose according to our arrangement. Wall stickers and accessories act as a boon to parents looking for attractive things in less budget. Huge wall stickers (banner-type) of your favourite super-hero with stylish colorful paint (choose the color related to your hero) decorate the walls. Some small figures and toys of same movie characters can be placed on tables and show-cases. Bed covers and pillows on couches must have the activity images of that particular hero.

Fancy Girl Characters:
Angels, Cinderella, Barbie and Dora are admired by girls all around the world. Choose your girl’s loved one and create a lively atmosphere. Lets take an example of CINDERELLA. Huge image of her palace placed on the sky painted wall, Light pink colored bed covers with many small pictures of Cinderella’s life play vital role in the attractive arrangement. A small show-case with the dolls of her wedding ceremony and pretty toys add to the room’s beauty. Glorious pink floor carpets give a warm welcome to visitors.

Live in a Cartoon Forest:
Many kids love animal cartoons, birds and flies. Trees with blossoms and fruits, squirrels and monkeys can be painted on a wall. Another wall can be a grassland with butterflies and grasshoppers. Attractive animal featured beds like elephant trunk or a giraffe, floor covering with a small flowing river add to the natural look. Lots of Toys and wall-hangings like smiling sun, green trees, flowers and fruits, small family photos stuck on each flowers make kids enjoy their life in the room.

Enjoy Seas and Ships:
Blue painted walls with images of sea creatures at the bottom and a floor covering with beach sand coloured carpet gives visual treat to all. Ship-shaped bed decorated with fishing nets, bed covers printed with fishes make the arrangement lively. Lots of toys like dolphins, octopus, sea-shells, whales and sharks must be showcased according to space. A study table decorated with light house structures, a creative blue pen stand, modern toy-chair for children enthusiast them. This cool surrounding makes even adults love the serene beauty.

Playful Paradise:
Kids go towards games, toys and balls. Small covered play area can be setup inside the room. Overall space must be more so that young geniuses play freely around.Walls with the images of favourite sports-men, a floor carpet of a large ball, Play things designed bed cover, window curtains made of same fabric as that of bed and pillow covers. All play things and toys should be arranged neatly on a decorative wooden rack ,easy to take and use.

Play school Atmosphere:
Kids of age group 3 to 6 years admire about nursery rhymes and language alphabets. Walls can be decorated with large plastic alphabets and wall hangings of picture rhymes. Colorful bed covers with names of veggies and fruits or animals and birds along with their pictorial representations provide a play school atmosphere.

Tasty decors on walls:
Painting the walls with decorative eatables, yummy slices of fruits, ice cream cones and fun filled juice glasses, toffees and cookies. Large apple shaped bed with leafy bed covers and pillows, light pink colored flooring and grassy carpet. Study table with cute fruit shaped chairs, decorative table cover and same fabric window curtains. Small toy looking photo frames must be hung in appropriate areas with happy photos of the family .

Live with your evergreen stars:
Plays and Movies play major role in all of our lives. Jackie Chan, Robert Downey.jr,Chris Evans,Scarlett Johnson,Daniel Ratliff,Bruce lee,Rowan atkinson have large young fan followers.Movie scenes of favourite heroes can be put as large wall banners , stylish wall hangings and pictures of other characters related to the movie. Beds and Furnitures of that particular movie make children more joyful.

Life is making others happy and even small things bring joy on your little cheeks. Take care of all your happy moments, gather them into your room to give it a lively surrounding. Whenever you feel depressed, things in your room must bring back your enthusiasm and happiness. Long live with memories

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