Cool color combos for the living room ( 20 pictures )

Cool color combos for the living room

Paint is the simplest and cost-effective way to add visual interest to the living room. To put it another way, a lot can go wrong if the color fails to jell with the layout and furnishings. So is there any color or more accurately, any color combos that work in any living room? Need help choosing some cool color combos for your living room? Read on! And don’t forget to explore our gallery below for more inspirational cool color combos for the living room.

Kelly Green and Bright Red
Because every living room deserves to have a hint of red to achieve an energizing and glossy vibe. White frilly curtains and drapes, throw pillows or striped wall decals with a soft touch of kelly green, will definitely amp up the living room redesigning.

Navy, Turquoise, and Pink
The vibrant shade of turquoise is a perfect partner for navy blue and pink. Keep the flooring breathable for a bit of balance and continue the colors across the furnishing, including comfy sofa, side tables, coffee table and window treatments. Pops of pink on the tabletop decors, throw pillows, and ottomans will create a cheerful influence on the overall living room design.

Peach + Grey, Black Hues
Whether you use it as an accent color to liven up the neutral decor or as the primary color to design the living room, peach is a win-win. Peach blends perfectly with grey, black, monochrome scheme, mint green or any sorbet shades. So the question is, “Would you decorate with peach?”

Bright Berry Hues and deep mustard
Make your living room with white walls, gray sofa, and tan furniture a regal beauty by using inviting shades of berry and mustard in the form of throw pillows, area rug, curtains or tabletop decor accessories. Not only does this make your room warm and vibrant but creates a larger illusion.

Emerald and Black Colors
A showstopper in the traditional decorating; now emerald has found its way into the living room. When paired with black color, it makes the room’s color palette elegant. Emerald hues can bring in the side chairs, cushions, cabinets, or ikat rug.

Turquoise, Neon Yellow, and Slate Gray
Want to redesign the living room rich in wood finishes? Bring in a turquoise modular sofa and three or four throw pillows in neon yellow. And, last but not the least, temper it with a backdrop in slate-gray.

Aqua with hues of orange and blue
Looking for a dreamy and relaxing canvas for your large living room? Pair aqua with orange, navy blue,  brown, yellow, purple or pink. Daring or traditional, aqua does it all.

Soft Baby Blues and Grass Green
The cheer and coziness evoked by hues of blue is the reason that makes it loved-by-all color. So, why not take your cue from the baby blue; and when combined with soothing grass green palette – you get an oh-so-awesome living room. Incorporating a large neural furniture piece will balance the brightness this color palette emanates.

Combination of purple and warm/cool colors
Purple is an underrated color that can work wonders either singly or in combination with black, white, grey, turquoise blue, brown etc. Few ways to go glam with purple: accent wall with two shades of purple, light purple ceilings, curtains, sofas, stools, or backsplash. Pick your choice.

Shades of copper and teal
Add spunk to the living room by combining teal shades with any of these complementary colors viz pastels scheme, mustard color, the yellows, the metallic colors, the earthen shades, and black. Teal – yellow or teal – mustard upholstery create visual magic in any living room with white or neutral shades

Lime Green and Pale Pink
For a graceful space that attracts eyeballs, choose lime green + pale pink color combo. So, are you ready to wrap the living room in a pale pink accent wall, mirrored fixtures, and side chairs in the lime green finish.

What are your thoughts on these cool color combos for living room? Do you find them inspiring and worth giving a try as we do? And yes, we would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below! If you have more tried and tested ideas, tips or tricks in your arsenal, please share them too – we would love to read them.

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