Clock Ideas for Living Room ( 22 images )

Clock Ideas for Living Room
Time is precious, use it well, here goes the cliché. We all know it very well. But when it comes to decorating our living room with a nice wall clock, then we all are willing to spend a little bit of our precious time and have the best one for us.

How often when you have visited anyone’s home and were mesmerized by the wall clock hanging on the wall? Oftentimes. We say to ourselves, “Wow! The clock is classy.” Truth be told, a wall clock tells more about the house and the house owner. A chic and attractive wall clock tells us that the house owner is very concerned about the house décor aspect.

When you highlight a blank wall with a wall clock, a vintage one or a modern one, it converts the functional thing into an art theme. The living room itself seeks a touch of creativity and design. It mingles with other decorative pieces of art, color scheme and the furniture items. Hence, choosing a right wall clock requires a creative mind and a lot of patience.
Now, let us enlighten ourselves with some of the trendiest clock ideas for living room.

Get a masterpiece from the eminent creators
Get a nice, trendy daybed and cover it with red-black or white-black striped fabrics. Place a round coffee table in front of it. Choose a large wall clock from the companies such as Restoration Hardware and simply add a touch of elegance to your living room. This idea is the simplest one. If you do not have time and effort to browse through all the wall clocks, then this one will work for you.

A long-case clock
If your home is decorated on the basis of a theme such as Country theme, County cottage or a Greek Island one, then choose a long-case clock. You can create a rustic look in your home by placing an antique long-case clock on the empty wall in the kitchen or in the corner of the living room. For this idea, you need two important things. Firstly, you need to be patient in order to find the perfect long-case clock that matches with the theme and color scheme of your house. Secondly, you need to have an empty wall in your house where you can place this clock. It should be visible to the visitors of the house.

Choose a 19th century clock from an antique shop
Do you think that an antique clock needs to be placed only in the living room? Well, it is not always the case. You can even enhance the look of any room such as a bathroom with a vintage wall clock. In case your shower room is made out of glass walls, and has a vintage bathtub or a vintage dresser, then you can add more creativity to it by placing a 19th century small wall clock on the adjacent wall.

An Empire clock in the library
A library is a treasure house of books where you get lost in the amazing creations of the world. It needs a magnificent clock. If you have a small library in your living room itself, then place an Empire clock on the mantel. It will definitely create a classy look.

A Swedish clock in the living room
Another idea to highlight a living room is to place a Swedish clock that has golden accents. For this idea, you need to have a magnificent sofa, desk and exquisite lamp shades. The golden accented wall clock will elevate the mood of the house visitors and the family members sitting in the living room.

Gilt-wood sunburst clock
You must have observed that vintage clocks accentuate a living room space. It creates a mesmerizing impression on the house visitors. Though you can find limited variety of vintage and antique clocks, these always win your hearts. A gilt-wood sunburst clock that suits the carpet color accentuates the lamps shades and sofa colors. During daytime, it blends with the natural sunlight flowing into the room.

Train-station clock
In a living room that has a huge sofa set with heavy furnishings, a train-station clock will accentuate its mood.
Thus, you must have seen some of the coolest vintage clocks that can definitely decorate your living room with a touch of grace and creativity. If your living room is a modern-themed one, then you can choose from online and offline stores. A large clock will suit a big and empty wall. Always keep in mind the clock should suit the color and furniture of the room, and also fit on the wall.

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