Children’s Desk and Chairs Ideas ( 20 pictures )

Children’s Desk and Chairs Ideas
Buying a children’s desk and chair seems to be a simple task. Just pick up the desk and chair of the color that interests you or your kiddo. Easy? No. You have to consider various factors while purchasing the perfectly attractive and functional chair and desk for your kid.

Here is a list of elements you need to consider before shopping for a kid’s desk and chair set.

  • Where to place? – It could be your family room, or their bedroom, or a corner of the house. A wall-mounted desk will do the job along with modular book shelves.
  • How much space it should occupy? – A desk with an in-built storage can work better in a small space so that you don’t have to bother about extra storing shacks. Wall shelves can be a better alternative.


  • Scope for customization – Always remember that one should not spend half of the specified budget in purchasing a desk and chair. That is not at all advisable. Because you can repurpose the desk into other ways such as converting it into an office desk, giving it to a vanity, or installing it as a sideboard in your house. Remember as your child will grow, his interests will also modify and accordingly, you will have to change the desk. So, adopt a flexible approach.


  • Consider your kid’s future – Does this sound illogical to you? A desk and a kid’s future. Well, if your kiddo is a toddler, then a play desk will do the job. You can get it with adjustable legs so that your future preschool kid can use it again. Always pick up a piece that can be adjusted according to your child’s age and growth. It is feasible for your pocket.


  • Consider the rising technology – Go for desks that have default card management alternatives. Your kid should not move away from his desk to search for a charging point for his laptop.
  • Be playful when it comes to a chair – You can invest negligibly to choose a playful chair for your kid. You can change as your kid grows. The material could be varying from leather to metal. Keep your desk as a static piece of furniture and be playful with the chair component.

Here are some of the interesting children’s desk and chair ideas for you.
A wall-mounted desk and chair idea
We have already discussed this one. It is a perfect desk to leave some space around for your kids to play and move. Moreover, a wall-mounted shelf will be another better alternative.

A folding desk top
If your kid is a toddler, then he or she will love this one. Remember Totto Chan’s desk? Yes, this one is similar to her desk. There are no drawers or boring shelves in the room. A simple desk with a foldable top to keep all the stationery items like pens, pencils, small books and much more. Hey, don’t get scared that you kid will keep flapping it?

A desk and a bench idea
This is another storage saving idea. Remember the good old school days when we had a bench for ourselves? But in case of this one, both are separate so that the bench can fit under the desk and you save some space. You can even have some storage space in the desk to keep pens and notebooks. Your kid will love this one!

Back to the old school
We talked about the old school days. This desk and chair is in the form of the school bench. It gives a rustic appearance to the bedroom and the entire room. Here, the desk and bench are attached and hence, you cannot separate them. However, it will add a touch of elegance to your child’s study space.

Simplicity with traditional chairs
Why go for exclusive furniture pieces when you can be sweet and simple! You can choose a simple table and traditional chairs for both of your kids. If your child is a born artist, then cover the walls with his or her artwork.

A rustic table and a storage unit-cum-chair
If you are tight on space, then here is another space-saving alternative. Pick up a rustic table with a storage space. Add a side-pocket to it for more elegance. The chair can also have some storage space inside and can be tucked inside the desk. Double storage saver!

A cubicle desk and book shelf
Choose an over-sized cubicle and a book shelf to add creativity to a corner of the house and convert it into a kids’ workstation area.
Thus, these ideas are innovative and functional for your kid’s study space.

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