Chaise lounge sofa and chair ideas ( 20 photos )

Chaise lounge sofa and chair ideas
There are numerous furniture pieces available in the market which can be designed and placed in a particular space depending on the use and area prevalent. There are some furniture items which form an essential part of a specific space in the house like the bedroom, living room and bathroom. But there are certain furniture items which do not have a definite character and are versatile in nature which makes it possible to arrange and organize them in various spaces and different areas of the house. They are not just confined to one room or space. The availability of such type of furniture components makes the whole design process of the space very interesting for the designers as well as people aspiring to do the same with their personal space of habitat. One such versatile furniture piece is the chaise lounge sofa and chair which can be installed in various areas of the room. Some of the innovative ideas for the design of the space with the help of chaise lounge sofa and chair are as follows:

Leather combined with metal:
This is one of the interesting options to explore as it brings about two entirely different entities into amalgamation and one frame. The combination of a leather chaise lounge sofa along with metal legs and detailing is not only an innovative design mixture but also a divergent choice of materials. This kind of lounge sofa and chair combined together can be placed in a reading niche in the living room or can be placed in a bedroom depending upon the size and dimension of the space. A metallic furniture frame for the rest of the furniture items in the same space will help in complementing the lounge sofa placed in that area.

Narrowly rounded lounge sofa combined with a small chair:
This type of lounge sofa combined with chair can be placed in between a large open space without confining it to any of the walls. This will make the chaise lounge sofa the focus of the space. A bold color scheme for the lounge sofa and chair along with a subtle color scheme for the rest of the components of the space like the walls and floors can be a very interesting design choice to explore. Different permutations and combinations with the design principles and the color scheme of different elements can be experimented with in this type of furniture choice.

Lean and narrow chaise sofa:
This type of chaise sofa is very lean with an anthropometrics comfortable for a person lying on that sofa which makes it the best option to use such a furniture piece near a poolside area or in a very personal space in the interiors of the house like the bedroom or even bathroom in case of exquisite luxurious interior décor. This type of chaise sofa can also be used as an elaborate décor item instead of merely a furniture item. Various options can be explored depending on the type of color scheme and material or texture of the chaise sofa used.

Low height chaise sofa:
This type of chaise sofa where the supports or the ends are not clearly visible makes it a very captivating in appearance and extremely comfortable for use in the bedroom or the living room area for the purpose of leisure or lounging. The anthropometrics are very comfortable because of the long dimension and low height of this furniture piece. It can be placed in one corner of any space or can be placed in a way to make it the highlight of the space. It can also be used in semi-open or open areas of the house or near the house like porch or backyard to give it a contemporary appearance and feel.

A vintage style chaise sofa:
This type of chaise sofa can very well be recognized from a vintage themed interior décor or something from a retro movie. It includes the cushioning surface of the sofa along with an ornamented leg to support the surface area of the chaise sofa. There are various styles in which these vintage chaise sofas are available in the market. But these sofas can also be customized depending on the vintage style of a particular era from history. A vintage themed décor or a contemporary look of the space can go down well with this type of furniture space.
There are various different options that can be explored depending on the area and dimension and style of furniture element preferred by the client.

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