Ceiling light ideas for living room ( 20 pictures )

 Ceiling light ideas for living room

Whether it’s for a chit-chat with friends and family, to binge-watch a favorite series or to enjoy a sip of hot coffee, the right choice of illumination helps our living better. Whether you are a new homeowner or a renter looking for ceiling room light ideas, we have few solutions just for you. Read on for inspiring ceiling light ideas for living room.

Decorative ceiling lights
It goes without saying that decorative lighting fixtures are a foolproof way to brighten the seating area and create a focal point in the living room. If you have high ceilings go for a striking chandelier or a contemporary pendant to complete the look. Remember to keep the walls and interior subtle with such eye-catching light fixture. And yes, installing a dimmer switch is highly recommended to set the mood.

LED Rope lights
For a well-lit living room, add LED rope lights to the accent and task lighting fixture. Often comes encased in a PVC jacket, the string of tiny bulbs is ideal to highlight artworks, to add visual interest or to cast soft light throughout the living area. They are inexpensive – a 12-footer LED rope lights will cost not more than $15 – but powerful enough to illuminate a large living room.

Drop-down lighting
Tired of the same old flush-mounts, pendants, and chandeliers? It’s time to bring in gorgeous drop-down lighting into the living room. Take inspiration from the wind chimes and hang the drop-down lighting at various heights from the ceiling. Ideal for all large living rooms with high ceiling, rustic furnishings!

Cove lighting
Bored with your living area? Have revamping plans? Here’s a budget-friendly, ceiling light idea for the living room. Install cove lighting to add an ethereal wash of soft, delicate light that illuminates the entire living area. In the living room, you can use cove lighting either as a primary lighting or as accent lighting, but, either way, it is a hidden gem.

Track lighting
Whether you want to create ambience, a focal point or require task lighting, the flexible, and functional track lighting can do everything for elevating the appeal of living room interiors. And given its availability in a limitless range of styles and designs, there is a track light for every living room. Track lighting is great equally for a new build home or for the one undergoing renovation.

Traditional, modern or contemporary, every room in the house has a craving for a ravishing piece of chandelier. So does the living room! And when you think about bringing in the regal beauty of chandelier into the heart of the house, it doesn’t have to glitzy or glassy; it can be a gleaming metal chandelier or a DIY gummy bear chandelier. A handy tip: dimmers shouldn’t be overlooked.

Multifunctional ceiling fan lights
With tens and thousands of multi-functional ceiling fan lights today, changing your living room’s look from blah to fab is a breeze. Choose your pick – Victorian, lantern, craftsman, farmhouse, and transitional styles are on trend – and enjoy beautiful lighting and even air circulation both in the summer and winter.

LED strip or line lighting
It’s super easy to highlight the living room décor with LED strip lights. Just attach them to the lining of the ceiling to add a little bit of depth and dimension to the living room décor. LED strips arranged in various geometrical shape is a modern twist you could consider while redesigning the living room.

Add some sunshine (moonshine too!) to the living room areas with stylish skylight set up. This will do jaw-dropping wonders especially in the living room with high ceiling and flowing spaces. Dainty or grand, there is a skylight variant for every living room.

Can lights with dimmer
There’s nothing like well-placed can lights to create focal points inside the living room. In addition to the coziness and the subtle glow, can lights mounted on the living room create interest at eye level.

Flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights
We love seeing elegant flush mount & semi-flush mount lighting in living rooms. Got eight-foot tall ceiling in the living area? Metal or painted trim, molded glass or funky shaped flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting should be your illumination partner. Dimmers help control light and set the moods so don’t forget to add them.

We hope you enjoyed this round-up of ceiling light ideas for living room.  And yes, we would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below!

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