Ceiling light ideas for bedroom ( 20 Pics)

Ceiling light ideas for bedroom

One of the critical elements that make the bedroom a haven is the lustrous ceiling lighting. That said, ceiling lighting fixtures aren’t only for decorative and illumination purposes. They also act as the element that unifies the energizing hues, linens, furnishings and the overall appeal of the bedroom. If you’re unsure about what ceiling light to choose, here are some brilliant ceiling light ideas for the bedroom.

What better way to kick your bedroom’s style up a notch than with a grand chandelier? With its branched ornamental look, a chandelier comes in vintage, rustic, modern or contemporary styles. Few chandeliers that will spark an idea for you:
1. Adjustable Mobile Chandelier: They are synonymous with elegance and balance. And when you install one in the bedroom, it is sure to bring a mid-century vibe into your sleeping haven.
2. Boxy Chandelier: The perfect complement to any bedroom decor, boxy chandelier in lighter shades will steal the show.
3. Crystal Chandelier: You can go wrong with the luxurious glow of a crystal chandelier dangling above the bed.
4. Floral Burst Chandelier: A giant bloom hanging from the bedroom ceiling is a treat to watch, indeed!
5. Exposed bulb chandeliers: Who wouldn’t want the striking elegance created by an exposed bulb chandelier?

Flat ceiling lamp
When it comes to bedroom overhead lighting or ceiling lighting, stylish flat ceiling lights emanating white cool light brings instant liveliness and luxury to any master bedroom. The flat design provides a subtle accent that can blend with other task or general lights in the room. Don’t forget to install a dimmer switch so you can have options from bright light all the way to soft, cozy glow.

Silver Orbs
Trend alert! Glowing orbs are ideal for making the space visually interesting and glamorous. Dangle a group of three silver or copper orbs over the bed to enhance the fantasy feel of your teen girl’s bedroom. And when you install it, make sure the floor to the bottom of Orb clearance is at least 7 feet. If you have a creative mind and an hours’ time, you can probably have wood orb chandelier, metal orb chandelier or any alternative materials. We prefer DIY style statements than the store-bought ones. They’re unexpected but totally mind-blowing!

Pendant Lights
Falling under the task light category, the decorative pendant lights fit in wherever the horizontal space is limited and provide a decent illumination in a larger area. A beautiful pendant suspended by a cord will the draw the eye up and down, creating a visual illusion about the height. Traditional pendant lights have evolved over the years and come in many forms- from drop pendants to a gigantic vertical shade—means you can style the area overhead just like the way you want. Few of the most popular types of bedroom pendants for you to choose from are,

• Abstract Pendant: If you prefer cozy, decorative ambient lighting abstract pendant is your go-to. Plus, it will artistically play with the bedroom décor.
• Multiple Pendant Lights: Multiple pendants with contrasting sizes can definitely be your ally in creating an artistic illuminating element in the bedroom.
 Over-sized Modern pendant light: One of the easiest ways to add depth and bold statement to the bedroom lighting.
• Industrial pendant lights: Ideal for an all-white bedroom, industrial pendants add flexibility, balance the modern-rustic style.
• Brass Pendant lights: Install brass pendants in the bedroom for a casually cool lighting.
Glass Pendant lights: Contrast a rustic, woodsy bedroom with multiple glass pendant lights arranged at varying heights. This will look snazzy in bedrooms with high-medium ceiling height.
Rainbow pendant lights: How cool are the rainbow pendants accenting the other lighting sources in the master bedroom?

Colored Accent Lights
Of all the bedroom ceiling light ideas, we find colored accent lights the boldest choice. You can go with one color as an accent light, or use multicolored lights to achieve a more eye-catching effect. You can go with a single colored to accent different parts of the bedroom or use multicolored lights to light up space in an artistic way. It’s truly up to you.

What are your thoughts on these ceiling light ideas for bedroom? Do you find  inspiring? And yes, we would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below!
If you have more tried and tested  bedroom ceiling light ideas in your arsenal, please share them too – we would love to read them.

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