Ceiling Light Ideas For Bathroom ( 20 Pics)

Ceiling light ideas for bathroom

Brushing, grooming, primping, pampering… the bathroom is a place where people spend a lot of time from the moment they wake up till readying for bed. And that’s exactly why all homes require a well-lit bathroom. So, how much light is needed for the bath? The answer depends on the person, his/her age and the need. But generally, an even illumination to illuminate even the darkest spaces is preferable. If the ceiling lighting in your bathroom could use a revamp, browse this collection of ceiling light ideas for bathroom.

Before getting your hands on bathroom ceiling light ideas, you should know the lighting style.

  • Ambient fixtures: These types of ceiling lighting fixtures radiate light throughout your bathroom. When choosing ambient fixtures, opt for one that uniformly dispels the light.
  • Accent fixtures: These are designed to highlight focal points such as mantles or artworks within the bathroom. Accent lighting is not intended to be the primary light source.

So without further ado, let’s get on with Ceiling light ideas for bathroom.

Chandelier lights
You think spectacular chandeliers are only for the living and dining rooms? You’re wrong. A grand bathroom chandelier creates a focal point, adds luxuriance and helps creating a warm retreat ambiance. A stunning crystal chandelier suits any traditional bathroom, but you could also opt for tiered, drum, contemporary, modern, rustic, or transitional styles to add glamour to the bathroom.  While installing the chandeliers, make sure there is at least 3-feet from your bathtub and showers – just to be on the safe side.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Available in traditional, transitional, contemporary, stylish, and rustic styles, flush mount ceiling lights are ideal if your bathroom ceiling is too low for sassy chandeliers and adorable pendant lights; ideally for ceilings of 9 feet or less. With the right flush mount ceiling light, you can create elegant, rustic, or calming bath atmosphere. Plus, it takes up a relatively little space of the ceiling hence the small bathroom will look more open and spacious.

Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light
Have a high ceiling bathroom that craves a little more oomph? Try a gorgeous semi-flush-mount light with fabric shade. When illuminated, this will distribute warm, diffused light evenly, and blends well with any décor style. Install a dimmer switch so you can change the mood of the room depending on the different times of a day. A handy tip: Keep the size of semi-flush mount light in scale to your bathroom’s size – In a roomier space, choose a large fixture whereas in a smaller area, opt for a small and simple fixture.

Pendant lights
Be it your living room or bathroom, layering the lights is the key to have a well-lit room. Elegant single or multiple pendant lighting is a perfect way to get diffused, ambient light in the bathroom. Pendant light that comes in a plenitude of styles and designs – open frame, weathered finishes, mixed material, metal and glass finishes, to name a few – is a practical and functional illuminating source especially for small bathrooms as they provide ample illumination without disrupting the line of sight. If your aim is to achieve sophistic style, a polished nickel pendant will do the job.

LED Ceiling Lights
An even, healthy splash of ambient light is what LED ceiling lights promise. LED spotlights over the mirrors or bathroom downlights are versatile and affordable to create a dramatic bath or shower area. Plus, they are good with any height ceiling and works well with other types of ceiling fixtures.

And, finally here are some bathroom ceiling light shopping tips

  • Choose size, style, finish, and type that suits the need and size of the available space.
  • Designers recommend leaving at least 84″ from the bottom of the light to the floor so there will not be any movement restrictions.
  • For bathrooms with higher ceiling, any stylish recessed lighting, pendant lighting or chandelier will be ideal.
  • If you have highlighting details as part of bathroom décor, use track lighting to give a special attention.

What are your thoughts on these Ceiling light ideas for bathroom? Do you find them inspiring? And yes, we would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below!
If you have more tried and tested Ceiling light ideas for bathroom, in your arsenal, please share them too – we would love to read them.

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