Boys room ideas ( 26 pictures )

Boys room ideas
After the advent of human civilization, divergent spaces took different meanings because of the functions and activities carried out in most of them. While some of these spaces are related to work and other professional activities, there are certain spaces inside an individual house that need a more personal touch to it. Personalization and customization have taken a completely different outlook with more and more people adopting such services with the changing trends. A bedroom is an extremely personal space which can be designed according to individual preferences and choices by taking into account the basic functions carried out in that space. The preferences predominantly vary according to the gender as well as the personal taste. Hence the design of bedroom for boys is very different from the design of bedroom for girls. Some of the creative design ideas for a boy’s bedroom are as follows:

A monochromatic theme:
A personal space is often a reflection of one’s own personality. Black and white is a colour which is frequently complimented by the personalities of most men. Hence a monochromatic colour scheme inside a boy’s bedroom could be an ideal choice to make the whole space very minimalistic. This colour choice can be meticulously designed with the minimum furniture pieces inside the bedroom to provide realistic illusion of a larger space.

Single colour pallet:
Giving the same colour for all the walls of the bedroom along with the same colour of flooring and a contrast in the colour of furniture will give the entire space a very nostalgic look. It becomes difficult to find the correct amalgamation of materials and textures when the colour is kept the same. But the right design choice will definitely provide astonishing results in terms of impression and feel.

Contrast design strategy:
There is not much importance given to the flooring inside the house with the use of regular flooring materials like tiles or marble being the primary option. But a striking material or design for the floors and walls along with simple furniture will help in achieving a different ambiance inside the bedroom. This option is more suitable for teenage and adult boys rather than much older men.

Prolific theme inspired design:
This alternative is not widely adopted by older boys but is still a popular alternative among younger boys. A character or place or ambiance inspired bedroom can distinguish the space and add an intimate character to the bedroom making the whole room very personalized. Space inspired by automobiles or trains are amongst the few prevalent options that can be used for designing a boy’s bedroom.

Modular Storage space:
Modular furniture is always beneficial to provide larger space in case of a moderately sized bedroom. It not just opens up the physical space inside the room, but also makes a small room appear bigger due to the compact arrangement. This design strategy is usually applied in rooms which are very smaller in size and which cannot accommodate standardized furniture pieces. But a modular arrangement can any day suffice a larger room to obtain additional open space for other activities.

Professionally inclined design:
This is not widely used by most of the people because of complex design requirements. Designing the bedroom of a boy according to his profession can be very inspiring and motivating for him especially if the bedroom space is also used as his working space. A room theme inspired by stars and galaxies can be ideal for a boy who is into the professional field related to astronomy, space, and science. Similarly, for a boy who is more inclined towards a creative field, a wallpaper or a flooring design about famous painters or artists can prove to be utterly influential and captivating.

Extreme personalization:
This option is apt for the extremely emotional boys who are more inclined towards family and other relationships in life. They can personalize the design of their room by dedicating one wall of the bedroom for collages of family pictures and other relevant information and images. Another alternative could be to fix photo frames on the wall under a peculiar textured surface like an artificial grass wallpaper to give it a different enchanting aura.

Vintage style decor:
This is not a very preferred option for most of the people as the budget generally rises when it comes to vintage decor or fixation of vintage furniture pieces or art for room decor. The original vintage materials and furniture pieces are tremendously extravagant but the artificial ones are not cost-effective either. Hence this choice is for the ones opting to go for the higher budget category of design.

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