Boys room decor ideas ( 28 Pics)

Boys room decor ideas
Parents always want to give their kids the best possible facilities. When it comes to kids rooms they need to be well thought out. While growing up a child’s bedroom is his safe place and he spends a lot of time there doing different activities like sleeping, playing, working etc. The fact that the children spend so much time of there life in there room makes it a very important place in the house. A boy’s room isn’t easy to decorate.

The decor of the room should be such that it makes it look and feel cozy and comfortable and at the same time it must be practical as well. A stylish and well thought out room will not only have you boy’s interest but will also keep him enthusiastic. Children take a lot from there surroundings hence it is important to give them a positive atmosphere.

There are endless possibilities of how you can make your boys room look, this makes it extremely hard to gather your ideas, here are some tips that are going to help you in choosing the right decor for your boy’s room.

Choose a vibrant looking wallpaper
As we know wallpapers go a long way in shaping the looks of a room. Choose a vibrant color for the wallpapers. You can choose a printed wallpaper with innovative drawings over it. If your child is still in his childhood then you can go for a wallpaper with cartoons printed on it. Just make sure that you choose a bright color so that the room does not look dull and boring.

Place a bunk bed in the room
If you have two boys or a lot of kids visiting then believe it or not having a bunk bed can do wonders, not only it makes the room look a lot more trendy but it is extremely practical as well. Kids just love to have a bunk bed. Choose a modern looking bunk bed that goes well along with the decor of the room and also consider the likes and dislike of your kid while choosing a bunk bed.

Educational wall art
Another brilliant idea that has been used by many in decorating there boys room has been choosing an educational wallpaper or wall art. The most commonly used design is of a world map on the wall. This just looks amazing. Another great idea would be to print the periodic table in an innovative manner on the walls. This not only looks amazing but is also a fresh concept.

A castle bed
Getting a castle bed for your boy’s room is a perfect idea, it gives the kids a sense of adventure and keeps there adrenaline pumping. Your boys will love it and will want to spend more time in their bedrooms. A castle bed passes all the other decorations to become the x-factor of the room.

Single color themed room
Pick up a color that you and your boy like and match everything with that color. For boys room, electric blue is an amazing choice. Make sure everything gel well together and does not look out of place. Go for a similar color flooring or rug to make the room even more charming.

Ask your son what he likes and then dedicate an entire wall to post pictures of his favorite action hero or car or anything else that he likes. You can either cover the entire area with one big poster or create a collage-like setup, both work well. An even more innovative way to make it more valuable and impressive is to get your child’s childhood drawing framed and then put it up on the walls.

Modern furniture
Furniture does have an important place to play. Children tend to make a fuss of there rooms so it’s important to have a lot of storage space for your child’s stuff. Get him some good looking cupboards. Having a study table is also important as your son is going to do this homework and other studies in his room. Seats are also important, having a funky bean bag is a great idea as kids love to sit and play on bean bags.

These ideas will definitely help you decorate to the boy’s room. The most important point while making the choices is to communicate with your child and get to know about his likes and dislikes. Try to replace things that he doesn’t like with something which has his interest.

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