Boys bedroom furniture ideas ( 27 images )

Boys bedroom furniture ideas
When your room upgrade from kids room to bedroom, that is a different feeling. From wall paint to furniture, everything is changed. Wall paint might not get changed if there was a common colour in the entire house but certainly you will have to change the furniture. Furniture for any room is very important and for boys bedroom, it is of prime importance. Boys bedroom is slightly different from girls bedroom. The kind of furniture required in both the rooms is quite similar but the design and colour are completely different from each other.

To help your search for furniture for boys bedroom, here are some good ideas
1 Bed
Bed is the most important furniture of bedroom. There is a specific kind of bed you need for the boys bedroom. A double bed is suitable for the boys bedroom. Bunk beds, who have been there in the kids rooms, should not be there in the boys bedroom. Instead of bunk beds, you can have two single beds if the room is shared by two and one double bed is insufficient for two. To choose the material of the bed, that’s completely depends upon you. Iron frames beds are good and comfortable and have hydraulic lift. They can be dismantle which makes it easy to shift and stays in shape in the long run. However these beds lack beauty. And that is when wooden beds comes in the picture. Wooden beds are believed to be most beautifully designed beds with different colors, perfect for every theme and suitable for your bedroom.

2 Sofa set
The next important furniture in the bedroom is a sofa set. You will surely have visitors in your room and you certainly don’t want them to sit on your bed and at times the number would be high and few will have to stand and I am sure you don’t want this scene to happen. So there is a need for a sofa set in the bedroom. But if there is not enough space for a complete sofa set, you can go for a sectional sofa which requires less space but provides enough space to sit. It also looks fabulous and is new in the market. It is also very comfortable and you can grab some sleep on that.

3 Cupboard
Cupboard is essential to keep the room systematic and clean. Also to keep your clothes safe and readily available.Steel cupboards are outdated so it is better to go for wooden cupboards. Boys are not known to keep their cupboards clean and tidy. So the cupboard should be such where there is sufficient space to hang the clothes as it is easy as compared to folding of clothes.

4 Study table
It is not important that only studious people need a study table and others do not. Everyone should have a study table to study as it has a great influence on studies. Study table lets you sit in right posture, provides sufficient lights and provides space for the belongings. Study table for boys bedroom should be simple. Boys don’t prefer a very fancy study table. The table should be of sufficient size depending upon the size of the room. If the room is small you can go for foldable study table and utilize the space more efficiently.

5 Shelves
It is wonderful to have books in the bedroom as books are your best friend. Not many are fond of reading books but in recent times, the situation is improving and people are gradually reading books and working towards making it a habit. So to place the books, the need for shelve arises. It is better to choose wooden shelves for your bedroom. Steel shelves don’t match with the room theme well and look odd one out. Wooden shelves are a good choice. The size of the shelf should be according to the number of books. There should be columns so as to separate books from each other. While choosing the shelf, you should check that the shelf is strong and can bear the weight of the books, should go with the theme of the room and should have a ┬átermite protection coating to safeguard it from termite.

6 Night lamp
Night lamps are the need of night. One night lamp is sufficient for boys bedroom.
There is no need to buy a very expensive night lamp for the boys bedroom. A simple night lamp would be all to complete the list of furniture for boys bedroom.

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