Best Wall Decor Ideas for Master Bedroom ( 16 images )

It is just amazing to redecorate your master bedroom and if you want to decorate it, it’s a cinch if only you are updated with the latest ideas and know the trick. Every year latest trends keep coming up in the industry of interior decoration. With the latest trends, your master bedroom surely needs an update. So the idea behind redecorating your master bedroom is that it should resonate your vibes. It should be connected to your personality and best of your taste.

So before moving ahead with the whole redecoration process, let us have a look at the recent interior trends in the market and how should one go ahead with the whole redecoration. So here, we will talk about the best wall decor ideas for the master bedroom.

White walls and a hint of Gold:
This is one is by far the easiest and the most amazing redecoration idea. Imagine having white walls, white linens and white furniture with a perfect hint of gold color. It will instill peace and calmness in you and after a long day at work, you will be able to flush down all the stress by just relaxing in your oh so royal bedroom. The beautiful essence of the bedroom lies in the metallic color that resonates the perfection of your interior decorator.

Concrete Walls:
Up next is the idea of keeping the walls of the master bedroom concrete. The concrete walls gives a conventional edge to the bedroom. In addition to this, you can combine the whole look with furniture in vivid colors. The pop-up touch to the whole decor will be given by using linens of such colors such as orange, yellow, neon’s etc. Add in extra beauty to the bedroom by injecting yellow lights to the bedroom and the contrast will make you go gaga over your master bedroom.

Cozy Hues:
So, for all those people who are too busy to spend time in their bedrooms, for them, they want a place that is cozy and comfortable so that they can doze off to sleep and reenergize themselves after a hectic day. For this purpose, you can go ahead and choose some warm color tones to do up the walls of your bedroom such as red, yellow, green etc. These warm tones can be matched with dull yellow lighting in order to make the ambiance of the room extra cozy. Add in super soft coveralls and heaps of pillows snuggle in.

Industrial Bedroom Design:
This one trend seems to be a rage in the market after being gone for long. Give in some rustic edge to your royal bedroom by adding in bricked walls, slim legged and metallic furniture along with different shades of grey, copper and bronze. The brick effect on the walls can be reflected y using some tiles along with heavy tones of brown. This perfectly showcases the perfect antithesis of the mid-century white colored brick houses. Add in touch of grey color by adding in linens and bed sheets to give it a rough edge.

Play with the minimalistic look:
The minimal look for the master bedroom is gaining a lot of momentum in the market. What you can do is use some rough tones of color and draw out some patterns on the wall. But keep in mind for the patterns being minimal and subtle. Take your game up a notch by adding in some accessories in the bedroom such as a huge painting, a big gold chandelier along with linens of warm tones. Bring out the minimalist in you and experiment.

Modernizing the wallpapers of the 70’s:
This trick for a complete transformation of your bedroom shall be a child’s play for you. All you need to do is dig up the designs from the 70’s era and flush out all the colors from it. Let it be a mix of black and white. Blend in the walls with wooden furniture in your master bedroom and you have a modernized the bygone days. This quintessential look is here to stay for long.

Infuse art in vivid colors:
Here, you can use the pop up colored art and frame it out. White wash your bedroom and hang up these art pieces in vivid colors to give it an extra edge. You will have a hippie an a youthful vibe all around. Bring in a rugged carpet in yellow, blue or red colors and some funky furniture.

So, here in this article, we have briefed you about all the major trends of the year that are a perfect fit for you. Go ahead and pick the one that suits you perfectly.

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