Best Setup bedroom ideas in basement ( 26 photos )

Basement is a boon to the homeowners who look for more space in crowded homes. A quiet and cozy area where planning a bedroom is quite a smart idea. Chillness and dampness of basement make some people stay away from using it. When we try to remodel it in appropriate manner, it gives a aesthetic atmosphere for a bedroom with great privacy. Here are some points that help you create a nice basement bedroom in a smart way.

Drive the coldness away
Chillness can be overruled by providing enough insulation. Using more wooden beams is one of the good choices as wood is the best insulator. We suggest you to take special care for insulation as much noise can also be filtered and the room feels warm and quiet for a bedroom choice. Choose first class insulation and don’t have a second thought spending on it as this is the very basic requirement.

Add some visual space
Allow more light to pass through as people thinking about basement bedroom first get a dark shabby appearance in their mind. Eradicating this assumption must be our first motto and it lies on our plan to make even a tiny space look more gorgeous and illuminated. Using mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make the room look bright. Vertical stripes or simple chevron patterns look more trendy and attractive.

Choose your bedroom style
Normal rustic bedroom style with steel bars and wooden beams must be avoided and new modern style can be preferred. Opt woodsy cabin style for rustic beams and bars. Homeowners prefer clean and Complete basement bedroom to the other bedrooms. Style must be continued from the top ground home style as basement must not look like alien spaceship. We suggest you to plan a good stylish bedroom according to the space and comfort.

Warm and cozy Colors
Choosing light colors for walls give a warm style and welcoming finish. We recommend to use not more than 2 predominant Colors for basement bedrooms. Light yellow or cream give a perfect finish and note to use matching Colors with other rooms of the home as basement must not look like odd one out.
Normally the background of our bed becomes the accent wall which must be colored in some welcoming hues, a way that attracts the visitors. This aspect throws out any dreariness of our basement bedroom.

Concentrate on the ceiling and flooring
Light colored ceiling as the other rooms is the best choice. Wooden flooring is not a good option for basement bedrooms, instead prefer tiles, paints and carpets to give a cozy style. Bear in mind to match the style with other rooms for the sense of continuity.

Remember the staircase style
Staircases that invite the visitors to basement must be taken care as the first assumption of this underground bedroom must be felt pleasing. Spring model staircases are the best choice than normal ladder type. Remember the space and plan the comfortable yet elegant staircases.

Smart lighting enhances your basement appearance
Lighting is more important in basement than other rooms. Though natural ventilation can be provided by top windows, you rely entirely on artificial lighting fixtures for activities in basement. Modern lighting fixtures, hanging bed sconces and snazzy pendants provide enough illumination to your basement bedroom. Since it is a bedroom, lighting is not that necessary like playroom or family room. So plan your space and furniture first and then have a great way for showcasing them with attractive lighting features.

Escape route is vital for basement
In the building rules of some countries, escape route mapping is important during emergency. In case it’s not mandatory, it is safe for you to escape during fire or any other similar circumstances. So egress window is a smart option. Another way is basement window which require more digging effort but you will find it worth the sweat. Large glass windows also provide a good escape route and much needed natural ventilation.

Final touch to creative lifestyle
Choice of good furniture, bed frame, mattress,pillow covers and mirror, carpet and in case of a guest bedroom, attached bathroom must be taken care with a comfy feel than other bedrooms and constructed well. Colorful curtains and artistic frames on walls decorate the bedroom in an aesthetic manner.

Last but not the least, fireplace can also be provided for comfort during drastic winter. Clean and complete basement bedroom attracts everybody and enjoy your privacy in a sophisticated manner. Begin your plan and the long awaited comfortable additional bedroom is waiting to be unearthed.

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