Best Living Room Rug Ideas ( 20 pictures )

Best Living Room Rug Ideas

An area rug may seem insignificant, but it plays an essential role in connecting many dots together in a living room. The home decor market is flooded with stylish rugs and cool carpets of all shapes and sizes so finding the right one isn’t a daunting task. Having said, we’d like to remind the homeowners and/or soon-to-be homeowners that space, layout, budget, and functionality play an important role in transforming the appeal of the living area. And, one wrong rug choice will put you in a decor disaster. If you’re on a rug hunt for your living room, here’s something for you. We’ve rounded up some inspirational living room rug ideas for you to surf before you head towards the online/offline stores.

Go Shaggy Shaggy
You can’t go wrong with a classic, cozy shaggy rug. Ditch the solid shags and opt for customized or a patterned version to keep it versatile. A handy tip: if your living room has a lot of natural lighting available, choose a bright, darker shaggy rug to bring in more openness and welcoming spirit.
Lay down the bohemian way
Ready to infuse the free-spirited soul in you into the home decor? Lay down the bohemian patterned rugs in the living area and bring in intricacy to your doorway. Did we tell you this: the more bold and vibrant the prints are, the better the visual appeal is!

Wool Rugs
A foolproof way to say goodbye to cold feet – a wool rug! Available in tufted, hooked, and woven styles, the wool rugs will add adequate style and warmth to the floors. And yes, they are available in neutrals and bold colors.
Abstract Design Rugs
A lot of minimalist and luxurious living rooms are white/neutral with lesser furniture or accent pieces. Incorporating an abstract-themed rug in soothing colors will add the flare and tie together the overall ambiance of the living area.
Fun and Crazy Pom-pom rug
The most sought-after DIY rug idea! We all love the tiny tufts in bright colors; so why not a Pom-pom rug in the living area? The playful and festive pom-pom rugs will be a huge hit especially if you have crazy minds at home that can’t get enough of these mini beauties.

Pretty and Patterned Rugs
There’s nothing like a pretty print to add visual aesthetic to any living room. From subtle to cheerful and chic, patterned rugs are available in a myriad of dimensions and styles and can liven up, solve decor disasters in the living room.
Geometric Rug
Looking for a perfect foundation for your living room decor? Incorporate geometric rugs – it’s that simple. Choose from solid squares, circles or triangles to get oohs and ahs whenever there is a gathering at home.
Chevron Rug
A smart and visually dramatic chevron rug is all you need to add a modern touch to your living room. From neutral to multicolored and boho – the options are many to open up the living space and provide it a perky look.
Neutral Knitted Rugs
Sprucing up a modern living room is just a ‘knit’ way. A modern living room anchored with Gray, Taupe, Cream, Off-white knitted rugs is not only visually appealing but stands out well against the dark furniture and woodsy interior

Faux Fur Rugs
Looking for an animal-friendly rug idea for your living room? Try your hands at faux fur rugs. Faux fur elevates the coziness and lusciousness of the living area irrespective of the square footage. Additional warmth and texture – added bonus, indeed!
Felt pebble rugs
Who wouldn’t love a marvelous felt pebble rug to have under bare feet whilst indulging into some intimate conversations? And a steaming hot cup of coffee on the table – hell, yeah! By the way, store-bought or a DIY- which one you prefer?

Make it bigger stripe rugs
Ideal for a small living room, adding striped rugs can give an illusion of longer look. The best part about striped rugs is that it can blend seamlessly with colored walls and subtle furniture.
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