Best lighting ideas for kids room ( 25 Pics)

Lights are an integral part of kids room. The light in the kids room should be sufficient so that there is enough light throughout the day, especially at night and the light should not be prick the eyes or give headaches. Kids eyes are more delicate and insufficient light can harm the vision and your kid might need glasses in future. Apart from health perspective, lights in kids room should also be stylish and liked by the kids. For your kids room, here are some amazing lighting ideas.

1 Paper Lanterns
Lantern is one of the oldest light type in the history and is believed to be more than 600 years old. Be it any part of the world, lantern is familiar everywhere. From Castles to normal homes, lantern were used everywhere. Even today they are used but the style of lanterns has changed. Paper lanterns are the new trend and are perfect for kids room. Paper lantern look stylish in the room. Also it displays different shades of light and is eye pleasing. The best part of paper lanterns is that they are not eyes pricking. Paper lanterns are available in different shapes and shades so you can choose the one that suits best in the kids room. Paper lantern is easy to make and you can help your kid make one for his room. Paper lanterns can be placed anywhere in the room but instead of placing, hanging them is highly recommend.

2 Ceiling lights
Ceiling lights are very important in the kids room and without them the room looks incomplete. There are a variety of ceiling lights to choose from. You can go for a stylish Chandelier. Chandelier have always been best for the ceiling and look absolutely magnificent. For kids room, a very heavy and big chandelier will look odd. A small and stylish chandelier according to the theme of the room would be good. Glowing radium looks is amazing as it glows at night and kids love it. Ceiling pendant lamps are also a good option for kids room.

3 Night light
Night lights are extremely important for kids room. When your kid goes to his bed at night and every light goes off, night light is needed then. Nightlight comforts kids when they are tucked in for bed.Night light for kids room is different from the night light of other bedrooms. Animal shaped wooden lamp with soft glowing bulb is good for kids room as it is more kids friendly. Apart from that, ceiling night light is also there for as an option. The good part of ceiling night light is that it provides sufficient light and covers the entire room. If your kid is okay with a night lamp, you can go for that also. A simple night bulb will also serve the purpose if you don’t wish to go for the above lights.

4 Table lamp
The burden of education is tremendous on kids and the homework is increasing day by day. To complete the homework, kids have to spend hours and hours. So a table lamp is needed in the kids room. Dim light will affect the eyesight of the kids and makes it more hard. A table lamp should supply sufficient light. Also the bulb on the table lamp should not be very bright that can affect the eyes of the kids. It is better to find a table lamp of a good height so that the light falls from a certain height and direct contact of eyes and bulb is minimal.

5 Reading light
There is a difference between table lamp and reading light and they are two different lights. Table lamp is for study table and reading light is a lamp which is placed closed to a sofa chair and is used while reading a book, newspaper or anything for that reason. There is a need for table lamp as well as reading lamp in the kids room. For studying purpose, table lamp should be used and while reading a story book, reading lamp should be used.

6 Frill lights
Frill lights have recently gained a good name in the market and the demand for frill lights has increased. Previously frill lights were used only on occasions like Diwali but now these lights are part of the room lights. Frill lights are perfect for kids room. You can place frill lights around the pictures in the kids room and switch them on at dusk. This will add a different texture to the pictures and will look amazing.

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