Best kids room paint ideas ( 27 photos )

Best kids room paint ideas
Kids room is the most happening room of the house. Life lives there. You see your little ones growing in that room and it is of great concern that the paint of the room should be according and suitable for kids as it has a great influence on their minds.
So here are some of the best ideas to paint your kids room.

1 The traditional colors
The simplest way to choose colours for kids room is by going the traditional way i.e. blue for boys and pink for girls. Blue and pink has always been the colors of the kids room. Going the traditional way is good for both the parents and kids. On the parents side, they get rid of the burden of colour selection and don’t have to think much about alternatives and on the kids side, Blue for boys and pink for girls are usually their favorite colour.

2 His/Her favorite colour
Blue and Pink may be the favorite colour of other kids but might not be the favourite colour of your kid and if it so, they will not like the room colour. So the way to deal with it is that you can ask your kids about their favourite colour and paint their favorite colour in their room. Simple.

3 Superheroes theme
Kids of this generation are highly obsessed with superheroes and take them as their ideals. They follow them really closely, even their actions and love everything that has their superheroes picture on it. If small things such as a mug, a T-shirt, etc can make them feel so happy then think about the happiness they will get when they see their superheroes painted on their room walls. That happiness will be priceless. So if you are well aware of your little ones superhero, you should surely go for this and surprise your little one. The other benefit of it is that when walls will have his superhero picture, your young one won’t scribble on the wall and will keep it neat and clean.

4 Alphabet theme
If your little one is too little to decide his superhero, you can go for an alphabet theme. Your kid won’t agree or disagree on the paint selection for his room because he is too young for that and you can go for any anything but it is good if you go for this theme. During his early days of life, when he will be learning the alphabets and spellings, he will enjoy when he will see the same painted on his room walls. Also this theme looks good and attractive.

5 Cartoon theme
If your child prefers cartoon over superhero, you can go for this theme. Kids are very familiar with this theme because it is the most common theme and is there in almost every play school. So possibly it is also the theme of your kids play school. Also this theme looks wonderful and eye pleasing to everyone because we all have been kids and had love or even today love cartoons. All the four walls can be divided and one wall each can be assigned to one specific show and the characters of that show can be painted on the wall. If you feel that this will be extensive, you can just have one character or two on every wall and that will be all. You can choose which one suits you the most.

6 Ceiling theme
You should not leave the ceiling. A ceiling should also be decorative in kids room. It goes without saying that Ceiling theme should be similar to the theme of the room. Whatever the theme is of the room, you can have something related to it on the ceiling. Designer fans specially designed for kids, having cartoon character or superheroes picture, are best and will be like a Cherry on the cake. If your kid is dedicated towards science and loves spaceships or rockets, you can have that as ceiling theme. Pictures of moon, rockets, spaceships, etc will really please him everytime he goes to bed and see them on the ceiling.

7 Same as the other house
If your House follows a certain theme and you want the same to be in your kids room, it is not a bad idea as far as the colour and theme is suitable for kids and he doesn’t have a problem with it. Colours such as white, yellow or any other bright color, for that reason, is suitable and you can go for that for your kids room.

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