Best kids room lighting ideas ( 20 images )

Best kids room lighting ideas

Kids, after a hectic day’s schedule, come back to their room to relax and sleep. It is their den to have their never-ending dreams and fantasies. They will be dreaming of a movie star they saw recently or having a fantasy of being a colorful character they came across. All this can be had better with proper illumination of their rooms. If dreaming and studying are the responsibility of the kids, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide them the right lighting for it.


Like the limitless imagination of the kids, the lighting ideas should be imaginative as to the kids’ liking and need. Even with a tight budget, anyone can provide their children with the right taste for them to grow creative and intelligent. With technology helping parents, it is only their imagination coupled with care and concern of what their kids like, could provide the best kids room lighting ideas.


Kids use their rooms for multiple activities. From studies to storytelling, playing indoor games to sleeping, many such things should be considered before lighting arrangements. Also, as the kids grow, the lighting should be changed as per the age and need. Safety is also a significant concern to be taken into account while selecting the best kids’ room lighting ideas.


 Twenty two best kids room lighting ideas


  1. Design lighting for kids rooms with flexibility to their changing needs every day and for the age change for a more extended time
  2. Modern LED bulbs are not as hot as older ones and are now highly recommended for kids’ bedrooms. When kids accidentally touch these LED bulbs, they don’t get their hands burnt. Also, they are environmentally friendly and more efficient than other light sources. They can bring down the power bills to save money.
  3. A proper LED lighting plan could make the kids’ room heaven for them. It can be the bright ceiling lamp to a subdued night lamp. It can also project twinkling stars on the ceiling in the dark lighting.
  4. Several spotlights can be added to the colorful ceiling lamp, which can be aligned in most important points of the kids’ room.
  5. Kids like playful designs like animals, stars or dots on the lampshade it can be added to the lighting of the kids’ room
  6. The ceiling lamp should illuminate the whole room evenly and without causing any glare to the kids
  7. Cloud shaped wall lights with tiny LED lights will imitate a starry sky
  8. Butterflies with wings lighting up along with the hidden individual LED lights
  9. A socket lamp to illuminate the floor area will be ideal all night long to keep the monsters away from the fearing kids
  10. Night lamps should be chosen from dark colors like harmonious green or warm red not to disturb the kids’ sleep
  11. It is advisable to keep a night light with a plug handy to avoid the kids’ room becoming pitch black during power emergencies
  12. A dazzling table lamp with starts or dots will enhance the kids doing homework, studying, reading books or even for storytelling by parents in their rooms
  13. To have warm white light between 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin provides precise and adequate lighting for kids’ rooms
  14. Sockets, light levels, and another safety measure for child-proof should be maintained in kids rooms
  15. A decorated table lamp does not only illuminate the room but also serve as a piece of décor and helpful to kids study and other activities
  16. Natural lighting during the day is critical for kids’ room, and arrangements accordingly will have long term impacts on the kids mental and physical state
  17. Technology savvy parents creating a smart home can choose LED smart bulbs with wireless technology to control and automate them
  18. Funnily decorated lampshades with wooden base could be both likable and unbreakable by kids
  19. A moon with star setting displayed on the wall lighting could take kids’ imagination to new levels
  20. To create a beautiful environment for kids it is better to use color schemes like cloud lamp diffuses a soft and warm light
  21. LED fairy lights which are customizable could be another right choice for creating a cozy corner for kids’ room
  22. Larger than life images and many household names like mickey mouse and similar other replicas can be made on the floor for a kid’s friendly lighting in their rooms


The above best kids’ room ideas could help to make kids happy and safe in their world. Since kids spend most of their time, including sleeping in their room, needs proper lighting to keep their eyes safe and life brighter for the future.

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