Best kids room bed ideas ( 24 Pics)

Best kids room bed ideas

Does your kids room bed idea resonate with their fun-loving, high-spirited personality? If not, let’s do some tweaking to make a huge difference; it only takes little time and lot of creativity, to revamp your kid’s room into an all-time sanctuary. While many best kids room bed ideas are there out there, we prefer done-in-a-day-or-two bedroom decors.


So, we’re bringing you this creative and undeniably fascinating collection of kids room bed ideas which are do-able and affordable so you can make the place cozy, stylish, and comfortable. Keep reading and reading and reading!


Pattern Them Perfectly

Patterned headboard, rugs, quilts, duvet, and pillows ideally create a relaxed and cool ambiance in the room. Moreover, with patterns at your side, you don’t need too many adornments in the room; a simple desk and adjustable chair for homework, and a cozy bean bag or loveseat to make reading and playing more fun and interesting- That’s it!


Stylish Bunk Beds

Space limitation shouldn’t stop you from adding styles to the kids room bed. Try Bunk beds housing built-in storage cabinets and shelves to accommodate the plentitude of kid paraphernalia. Give an edge to the bed arrangement by tucking it behind the cheerful chevron curtains. The bunk room of your dreams isn’t a hard-to-achieve one at all.


Fantasy is bliss

Don’t you think Faraway lands, happy endings, and superheroes should come out of bedtime storybooks and have a permanent place (well, at least till he/she becomes a teenager) in your kid’s room? Fantasy beddings designed like a race car, wagons or pumpkin carriages are funky enough to make the room chic and stylish. Plus, they’ll be in alignment with your kid’s personal interest. Fantasy inspired mural paintings or wall decors would also do the job.


Stay Neutral

Gone are the days of pink and blue colors. Yes, neutrals aren’t going anywhere especially the warm and cool dusty pastel hues including dusty rose and griege (the striking combo of gray and beige). Also, opt for non-themed furniture, subtle lamb and window treatments to spruce up the quirky accent the neutrals produce.


Embrace the LEGO way

Incorporating brain-building activity themes in kids’ room bed ideas will not only make the kid happy but will make your child smarter after all play is the building block of learning. Lego board decorated walls, geometrically shaped pillows, and bedding, picture frames toys etc will bring out the creativity in them. Let them grow in a sophisticated playful environment.


Library-Bed Duo

Adding floor-to-ceiling bookcases or having a small bench at the end of the bed to host the storybooks, drawing books etc are the perfect ways to sow the seeds of reading at a young age. Functional door and wall decors can be chosen such that they will complement this kid’s room bed idea.


Trendy Cabin Beds

Funny play tents, towers, tunnels, and slides are few cabin-bed ideas to add make your kids’ bedroom unique and adventurous. Ideally, this will save the space and creates an airy and pleasant space that has plenty of room for playing and have fun with toys and pets. Trust this kid’s room bed idea, you won’t regret it.


Seaside Themes

Let your child indulge into the ocean of navy stripes, surfboards, anchors, boats, ships, nautical flags, and oars. Pirate themed bedrooms are the trendiest theme for decorating your little boy’s bedroom. Not only do they make the bedroom more interesting, but promise a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Ready to amaze your kid with some new themes? Well, good luck!


Graphic bedding themes

Graphic bedding themes are gender-neutral and are bound to bring out the sophisticated decor statements. If you want to revamp the subtle gloomy colors, try your hands at black and white color palette or bold colors to achieve a modern yet minimalist look.


Vehicle Bedding

Cars, trucks, tractors, Lorries and other vehicles are the most popular and recommended prints for boy’s bedding. Walls, shelves, quilts, pillows etc with similar vehicle themes will give a twist to this kids room bed idea. Remember, the key here is to find a balance between the tones and textures.


Found some inspiring kids room bed ideas? Our personal favorite on the list is the space-saving bunk bed. What’s yours? And by the way, if you liked this listicle you just read, cast your vote by clicking on the black icon below.

If you have some tried and tested kids’ room bed ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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