Best Ideas to Set-up Living Area Under The Stairs ( 25 pictures )

Best Ideas to Set-up Living Area Under The Stairs

Many of us literally have a dead space at our home – the area under the stairs; some people close it up while some others use it for dumping the age-old desks, tables or even toys when kids grow up. Having said that, ever wondered giving life to this dead space? You might have heard of reinventing this untouched territory as a place to take an afternoon nap or as a reading corner. How many of you thought about setting up a living area under the stairs?  Let us answer that and tell you that not too many have implemented this out. So, just scroll down and inspire yourself with some cool ideas on ‘how to set up living area under the stairs’.

In this article, we have gathered a handful of ideas for turning the space under the stairs as a living area. Check out our gallery to find some interesting ideas to wake up the wizard of light bulb moments in you!

Show your patriotism
A round couch, neutral patterned rug, geometric lamps and small center table with houseplant – all in blue, white and red colors – for the perfect living space under the stairs.

Let’s talk face-to-face
Space limitation is a boon when you set up two seating table over a shared coffee table. After all, who wouldn’t love that close and secret gossipping with besties?

Your Netflix Zone
Fan of Netflix series? Simply make the area under the stairs your sanctuary to binge-watch Netflix series unlimited and uninterrupted by putting a sofa bed and a small TV on the wall. Happy Netflix-ing!

Think the Bean Bag Way
Dump few mini bean bags and set up the living area cum reading room effortlessly. Ready to switch up the overlooked area in your home?

Low Furniture
While setting up a living area underneath the stairs, go with short pieces, like a tufted couch, chaise lounges, and chairs.

Large Rug Area
To avoid that dreadful island looking furniture arrangement, use a large and patterned rug to contain all the chairs/sofa/tables in the dead-space-turned-living-area.  

Enlarge the look with diagonals
You won’t have the liberty to play around with too many ideas If you set up a mini living area underneath the stairs. Arranging the furniture in a diagonal way gives more depth and creates a welcoming pathway irrespective of the space constraints.  

Set up a bold lounging
From armless chairs to ottomans, the options are many to set up a bold lounging. Bright colors and modern lighting arrangements will spruce up the relaxed and welcoming look.

Make it more comfortable
Neutral walls, subtle lighting, a classic sofa as the centerpiece with the mix-and-match collection of patterned cushions, and an adorable rug – you are sorted.

A contemporary living room
If the space under the stair is a little roomier, give a contemporary look to the area with symmetry. Pairs of matching sofa and side table with lamps atop will add a statement to that closed up corner.

Statement Furnitures
Bring in statement pieces of furnitures to make the space active and welcoming. A conversational cluster would be perfect provided there isn’t any space limitation.

Say ‘No’ to Sofas
Use chairs instead of sofas to create an illusion of space and openness. A woodsy coffee table and a bright rug will add more depth to this setup.

Casual seating
If your personal style is subtle and simple, let it reflect on the living area under the stairs as well. Oversize floor pillows and ottomans will create a feel-good ambiance.

Brick walls and bold decor
What better way to achieve a rustic and elegant look than with  exposed brick walls? Place a statement table centerpiece and a pair of comfortable chairs – the sanctuary to have some quality ‘me’ time is ready!

Be artistic
Opt for patterned or printed fine pieces of cottons, linens and silks as the focal point to decorate the living room set up under the stairs. Spots, stripes, ikat prints, geometric patterns and color block all blend beautifully with the understated backdrop.

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