Best Ideas for Kids Room Beds ( 21 images )

Best Ideas for Kids’ Room Beds
Redesigning your kids’ room beds could be challenging as well as delightful for you. Obviously, the first thing that comes to your mind must be their comfort level. You would like to have your child cuddling and snuggling with his favorite toys in a comfortable bed, enjoying a night’s good sleep.

Before we move in discussing the coolest kids’ room bed ideas, let us understand the necessary points to be considered:

  1. Your budget level: Even though you decide to buy the grandest bed for your kids, remember that your kid would be growing and might have to change the bedding accordingly. Hence, do not spend substantial amount for it. Allocate a specific budget for it.
  2. Scope for flexibility: Choose a bed that can be adjusted as your child grows. Instead of discarding it after a certain number of years, it is better to have adjustable and foldable beds.
  3. The comfort level of the kid: Your kid should feel comfortable in the new, cozy bed. The mattress, pillows and the bed should be of excellent quality materials and fineness.
  4. The color scheme and design: Lastly, the bed should match with the color scheme and theme of the bedroom too.

A canopy bed
Imagine setting up a canopy bed for your little one. Wouldn’t he love it? Of course, he will, if he loves outdoors and adventure stories. This is the best that you can give it to your kid.
Setting up a canopy will not cost you much if you know which stores to bang on. For instance, you can approach the nearest hardware store and grab these things: a painter’s drop cloth, dowel and a rope. With a sense of logic and analytical thinking, you can set a cozy and beautiful canopy on your kid’s bed. Your bed could be a simple one then, no problem.

Four-poster bed
Remember the four-poster bunk beds in the Harry Potter series? If you and your kiddo both are fans of Harry Potter, then why not have a bed like that for him? The best thing is that a four-poster bed can fit to a kid of any age. Hence, you are mastering the flexibility criteria over here. Apply a white color scheme to the walls and get gray-green colored sheets and pillow covers for the bed. Create a unique country look for your kid.

Bunk Room
We have seen bunk beds since years. If your kids find it difficult to sleep on the bunk beds, and if you have ample space in the bedroom, then you can have vintage bed frames in your little bunk room. Place the beds adjacent to each other but the bedding, covers and frames need to be of the same pattern. You can even have common light fixtures above each bed. It will definitely look cool!

In-Built bunk beds
If you are a hug fan of bunk beds, then it is better to go for the in-built ones too. Place a wooden ladder and railing so that it complements with the rest of the wooden antique furniture. Yes, it will create a rustic statement.

Do not forget the day-bed
Have you forgotten the daybed for your kid? He can take a short nap in the afternoon or when he returns home after a play session. You can place a daybed near the windows, style it up with cushions and a striped bed sheet. You can get a bed that has a storage unit underneath to pack up all his toys and belongings. You can even get a bookshelf behind the bed. You can paint the bed and the bookshelf with muted green or blue for a dramatic effect. This daybed can also serve him and his friends as a playing area.

Camp beds
Again, if your kids love to sleep in a camp-styled beds, then here is one. You can paint your bunk beds with Raccoon Hollow and make it feel like those are bamboos. Do not forget the ladder. It adds a touch of adventure and surprise. You can even use a railroad cart and revamp it into a rustic coffee table.

The Globe-themed bed
You can even incorporate the Mother-Earth theme in your kids’ bedroom, along with its color scheme. You can paste the wallpaper with the globe-theme. Can you recollect the colors in it – Green and blue, right? Use green color for the headboard, blue for the sheet, used striped grey for pillow covers and a combination of green and blue for the baskets.
Thus, these ideas will make your kids’ room look rocking.

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