Best Bunk Beds Ideas for Kids Room ( 26 pictures )

Best Bunk Beds Ideas for Kids Room
In today’s world, space has become a huge concern and there are houses which are being built on such small lands. In cases of big cities and urban areas, there is hardly any space available to live comfortably. Therefore, in the current scenario, it is necessary to come up with ways which can help us save the space as well as let us live comfortably.

One of the areas in our house where we do not want to compromise on providing the best as well as the most comfortable setting is the children’s room. If a family is a large one, there are high chances that there are more than one or two kid in that household. So, how to deal with the space problem along with providing the best and most attractive setting to the kids. One of the answers is bunk beds.

Installation of bunk beds in the children room can solve the space problem instantly along with giving the room a pleasing look. Bunk beds are also very comfortable and different designs and colors can also help to provide a playful atmosphere for the kids. Another great advantage of bunk beds is that the whole room can be themed according to them without much difficulty.

Many kids love the idea of bunk beds and often find it very interesting and playful. It is quite confusing to select the best ideas from a sea of so many ideas. So, here we provide you with the best bunk beds ideas for your kid’s room:-

1)    The best idea for bunk beds in a kids room is to make it as attractive and pleasing as possible. There are a number of ways to do that. One can make the top bunk attached to the wall so as to give the impression that it is floating. For the bottom, bunk wheels can be added and it can be made on a moveable platform.

2)    The color combination used is also very important. Based on the choice of the kid a classy appearance can be added to the bunk beds where the bottom bunk is hidden away and have a cave-like entrance. The top bunk can be reached through a spiral staircase.

3)    To make the bunk beds more interesting for the kids, it can also be themed after their favorite cartoon shows. Each bunk can be customized as per the individual kids choice and also filled with a lot of colors.

4)    Another great idea for a bunk bed is a one having three bunkers. Each bunker can be attached to the wall to give the impression of floating beds. The top bunkers can be reached through beautiful staircases.

5)    Children often love new and attractive things. So, it will also be a good idea to have bunk beds with curtains as well as side cabinets. Curtains can ensure little privacy and side cabinets can come in handy in case of keeping books, pens etc.

6)    Another great idea will be to design the bunk beds as doll houses or any kind of house which will make the whole look more playful for the kids. Children love new things and designing the bunk beds like houses can make it more and more attractive to them.

7)    The bunk beds can also be designed like camp tents to make it more exciting and attractive for the kids. The whole room can be accessorized according to that. Children love adventure and having a room which makes it feel like camping will ensure that they love it.

8)    The bunk beds can also be designed like double-decker buses or trains to make it more playful for the kids. The walls of the room can be painted like a scenery and the room can have other accessories shaped like trees, cars, etc. It can also be designed like fire trucks and the whole room can have accessories shaped like water hydrant, hoses, etc.

9)     The bunk beds can also be themed like a castle to give your kid a royal experience. The whole theme can be applied to the whole room with royal and attractive colors. This idea is especially attractive for girls and it will give them the feeling of being a princess.

10)    Another great idea will be to design the bunk beds like clouds. This will give the room a very aesthetic appearance and the kids will surely love it. The whole room can be accessorized with raindrops, birds, etc.

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