Best Bedroom Vanity sets Ideas ( 20 Pics)

Best Bedroom Vanity sets ideas

If there is one furniture a woman, much love is undoubtedly the makeup vanity.  But if you are not to think that the men do not use them, then you are wrong.  In this modern fast world, everyone needs to look good to face daily challenges to succeed and survive successfully. So vanity sets have become more of a necessity now than a luxury. Everyone starts for their daily work or an outing in the evening or to look extravagant for a party, and it is these vanity sets that make both men and women the way they want to be.  Hence only the right vanity set will make you the person you wanted to be.

Lack of place in modern apartments made the purpose of vanity sets now to be not only limited to makeup and dressing but with ample storage space. Apart from the makeup essentials, it can also store various other items to help in creating space. They come in different designs, shapes, sizes, raw materials, and many others.  But only the right vanity set could provide you space, storage, and style to make your makeup not a routine chore but an enjoyable experience. Also, it should fit in your bedroom without any hindrance to mobility and other issues. The following are some splendid vanity set ideas for you to have the best one in your bedroom for a fantastic look, style, and efficient use for every day.

  • Lighting to light up your makeup

Vanity sets with the lighted mirror could be an idle choice for putting your makeup for any occasion. The mirror should be of the right height from your sitting position to have relaxed makeup without any physical pain to the neck or other parts of the body. If the lighted mirror vanity set is not your choice, then arranging the right vanity set to let natural light fall on the mirror will help. Or you can even opt for light bulbs that simulate natural light to provide light on both sides of your face to give the best results of your makeup.


  • Vanity set storage

With technology improving and space reducing in homes and especially in bedrooms, the storage capacity of the vintage set is important. Unlike traditional vanity sets, nowadays, many vanity sets come with enormous storage capacity not only for makeup items and essential things but also for jewelry, clothes, shoes, among others. It comes in pairs with a table mirror and a wardrobe on one side or either side of the vanity set.  It enables us to keep the bedroom tidy and without many things scattered everywhere.


  • Material to make vanity set


Vanity sets are made of different materials to give different effects to bring in different moods in the bedrooms. Traditionally vanity sets are made of a light wood like oak, cherry, or others. Usually, a light brown shade makes the room look soft, elegant, calm, and also comfortable. But colors are not available to match the bedroom wall and other colors of your choice. The legs of the vanity sets can be made slightly curving to bring in a royal look. The mirrors can be with the vanity set or separately fixed on the wall as per your choice.  Chrome vanity sets in many sizes,  shapes, colors, and others also are now widely liked by many people.


  • Modern vanity set ideas


Modern vanity sets are different from the traditional ones. They differ in size, shape, material, look, and other features. For today’s millennial people there are many modern vanity ideas to choose from including


  • Vintage vanity sets that are made in an antique style to provide that royal experience of dressing and makeup
  • Beautiful white vanity with a lighted mirror to have calm and resolved mood during makeup
  • Antique styled simple vintage sets
  • Corner vintage set to get proper light and a simple but stylish look
  • Space savvy vanity sets with inbuilt storage to suit your bedrooms
  • Luxurious vanity sets with lighted mirrors and stylish woodwork to get that extravagant style and exuberance
  • Slim and elegant bedroom vanity set


The above vanity set ideas could help you to find the right one for your bedroom.  Choosing the right one of your taste, space requirement, need, type of material, and budget is essential. Now with vanity sets becoming more of a necessity than for lavish looks or for grandeur, buying one will help to keep the bedroom tidy and also be ready for any challenge outside. Though you are not going for makeup or dress to kill, you sure need a pleasant look to succeed and survive in this world, and the right vanity set could be of good help to it.

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