Best Bed Ideas for your Master Bedroom ( 20 pictures )

Best Bed Ideas for your Master Bedroom
Did you know that a human spends one-third of his or her life in sleeping? For this particular reason, we need to choose a bed that is comfortable, beautiful and inviting. You need not admire the 5-star hotel beds because you can even choose a stylish and cozy bed for yourself.

Before moving towards the beautiful bed ideas, let us go through some of the points to consider for buying a bed:

  • Bed: This is the actual structure you will buy. It is a furniture items and you can browse through countless beds that are worth a buy. Your budget and your likes will help you in making the purchase decision.
  • Mattress: The mattress should be comfortable, of washable fabric and with a good layer. For more inviting look, you can even add a feather bed under your bed sheet and above the mattress.
  • Sheets: This is the décor part for your master bedroom. You can have patterns, prints, floral designs, soft hues, dark colors, thematic designs, and dramatic sheets and so on. The best thing about sheets is that you can change the overall look of the room by changing them. Always invest in good quality and the best design bed sheets.


  • Pillows: Here, you have two kinds of pillows: sleep pillows and throw pillows. Select two comfortable sleep pillows of your choice. You can accessorize your bed with a number of decorative pillows matching with the theme.
  • Throw Blanket: A throw blanket has assumed great importance these days in the room décor part. It protects you from cold and also gives a designer look if it is folded and placed properly on the bed. Always keep your pillows and blanket stackable to enjoy a 5-star hotel look.

Now, let us move back to the bed ideas for a master bedroom.
There are beautiful ideas for bunk beds. However, master bed ideas restrict to buying a platform bed. Isn’t it? You can still create a lot of glamour and innovation with a master bed by mixing up certain headboards, frames and linen.

Integrate a Shelf in the Headboard
If you lack space in your master bedroom, you can integrate side shelves in the headboard. It will give a wide look for your bed and you can stock up necessary things in the shelves. You can even have an under-bed dresser to optimize available space.

Do a Bed yourself with Wooden Pallets
If you do not prefer buying a bed and want to create an innovative bed for you and your loved one, then you can use wooden pallets as a solid foundation for your bed. Pick up the strong ones. Create a platform for you bed, or layers (with storage spaces), a section bed, or a simple bed with a strong headboard and a footboard. You could place a plant on the wooden platform or even light candles during nighttime.

A Closed Bed for more privacy
If you want some privacy for yourself or with your partner, then install a bed in a closet. Remember that the opposite wall should have a window, giving light and air. You can have a lamp shade above the bed and place a small reading shelf. Engross yourself in a book-reading session with no one to disturb you!

A Vintage Bed
A vintage bed will always give a classic and elegant look to your master bedroom. If you are a huge fan of antiques and vintage furniture, then don’t miss this out!

A Pull-Out Storage Space under your Bed
If you think about bed storage ideas, and you have a lot of books and your personal favorite items to store, then install a pull-out tray under your bed. Divide it into compartments and store your favorite collections in it, protecting them against dust.

A Box-Bed
Here, we don’t refer to a simple box-bed. It may happen that you have to set up a work area in your bedroom and need more space for other activities like playing with your kid or creating artwork. You can have a bed hidden inside the wooden platform. At night, you can pull it out neatly and sleep on it. In the morning, you can push it inside the wooden box and enjoy your space.

A Canopy Bed
A canopy bed looks classy, giving you ample opportunities to decorate it with curtains and linen of all kinds. Choose white sheer curtains to suit the monochromatic look of your master bedroom. Even pink and soft blue printed colors will change the look.
Hence, you have brilliant yet chic ideas for buying a perfect bed for your master bedroom.

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