Best Bathtub Ideas for Bathroom ( 24 Pics)

Best Tub Ideas for Bathroom
The quickest way to have a clean bath is simply standing below the shower. However, if you want to that personal experience and spend more time in pampering yourself, or having a bubble bath to de-stress yourself, then a bathtub is the perfect bathroom fitting.

When you think of installing or re-installing a magnificent bathtub in your bathroom, you won’t pick the one which is easily available within your budget. You need to do certain research, analyze your bathroom structure and then, make a suitable decision.

Here are certain factors to consider before buying a bathtub.

  • You need to first know the type of bathtub you want to install in your bathroom.
  • Later, you should analyze the bathroom size and structure and choose the bathtub accordingly. For instance, if you want to optimize space, you can opt for a corner tub.
  • It is also essential to know what kind of bathtub material you want. Do you want acrylic, fiberglass gel coat, cultured marble or for a change, a wooden bathtub?
  • Depending upon the bathtub type, you should know how it is to be installed in your bathroom. Some bathtubs such as a corner bathtub or an under-mount bathtub needs installation.
  • Apart from these factors, you should also check with the add-on features that a bathtub offers. These days, the bathtub manufacturing industry is offering a wide range of bathtubs with lighting, luxury and more lavish facilities. Go through them, understand your preferences and buy a bathtub.

Here are some of the bathtub ideas you would like to know about. You can have a typical routine chore of sinking into the bathtub or enjoy a spa to de-stress your tensions. Opt for a unique bathtub and just get out of the comfort ‘bathtub’ zone.

A sleek and modern Alcove tub
For being simple and minimalistic, you can install a sleek yet modern alcove tub near the window.
A Clawfoot tub
If you want something cute and retro in your bathroom, then a clawfoot rub will serve the purpose. Clawfoot tubs are a type of freestanding tubs, however they have short legs on which they stand. Now, how will you bring uniqueness to this simple clawfoot tub? Yes, you still can have fun by replacing the short legs with something trendy, or vintage, and even gold-plated. Always remember that the legs of the bathtub should match with the finishing of the tub.

An Angled Tub
This tub is a freestanding tub, with one side much longer than the other side to give you maximum support. Do not worry when you sink in this tub as your back and neck are rested and relaxed, with no stress at all. If you want to enhance the look of this tub, then you can style up with modern or classic accessories, depending upon your choice.

An Oval Tub
Another freestanding tub, an oval tub is modern, smooth and curvy. You can smoothen the sharpness of the bathroom walls and windows by getting a sleek and trendy oval tub. In this way, the shapes and styles will be balanced.

A Drop-in Tub
If you have a good budget and do not want a typical tub-like appearance, then you can install a drop-in tub along with tiles or another material by its sides. However, once it is installed, it does not require much maintenance.

A Corner Tub
For all those who want more space in the bathroom, a corner tub will do the job very well. Moreover, you do not have to put curtains and hide it. You can show off your cute corner bathtub by making it a drop-in type. Do not forget to accessorize the rest of the bathroom optimally and beautifully. Keep a cushy stool or go for a chandelier.

A Wooden Barrel Tub
If you are a huge fan of farmhouse or rustic themes, then choose a wooden barrel tub. You can even play with the accessories by choosing a faucet that resembles to a hand-pump and some farmhouse types. Place a wooden bench beside the tub. Hey, your farmhouse-themed bathroom is ready!

A Rectangular Tub
Sometimes, rounded and oval tubs look stereotypical. To match with your unique style, you can choose a rectangular freestanding bathtub with special lighting feature. Choose accessories that add elegance and not a rustic appearance.

A Copper Finishing Tub
Another tub for rustic and farmhouse-themed fans. You can provide copper finishing to your bathtub and place it on a pedestal.
Thus, these chic and classy bathtub ideas are worth to be noted and implemented.

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