Beautiful DIY Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas ( 20 images )

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes which is why it needs to look as fresh and modern as other rooms and the house itself. Doing a remodeling of a bathroom, however, can be very tricky. This is why we’ve listed 10 ideas that could help you do just that.

Bright and efficient lighting
To keep the bathroom looking fresh and modern, lighting is very important. A good lighting can make any bathroom look new. This gives the feeling of openness which can be very peaceful for the person using the bathroom. The lights also need to be LEDs so the energy consumption can be reduced. Colored lights can be used to change the color of the tub or sink. Using lights at backlight wall mirrors can make the bathroom look modern.

Integrated Sinks
Integrated sinks are built into the floor and are of the same material as the bathroom counter. They give the bathroom an upmarket feel which is very a very cool idea to try out of you want to remodel your bathroom. The look of seamlessness between the floor and the sinks are not only beautiful to look at but it also remains clean as there’s no seam that water or dirt can get under.

Electric privacy glass
A glass seems to be a very odd thing to put in bathrooms as they could be bad for privacy. However electric privacy glasses have this functionality of becoming opaque with just a flick of a switch. These glasses could be installed as the wall of the bathroom for viewing outside. Also, glasses which are opaque from one side and transparent from the other could be used as walls.

Ergonomic and sexy design.
Curvy surfaces could be used in the bathroom to look sexy and elegant at the same time. One of the walls could be curved along with curved drawers to get this look. To continue the look all around faucets and fixtures also need to be a bit more rounded and refined.

5. Bold flooring
The usual color of choice for a bathroom is usually white or neutral in order to showcase other parts of the bathroom such as the tub, walls etc. This trend has eliminated all sorts of graphic patterns from the bathroom which is why choosing a bold pattern for the tiles makes it new and refreshing.

6. Lots of mirrors
When mirrors ate used as walls of the bathroom they reflect each other’s images and this creates a sense of openness and space. Mirrors could make a small bathroom look quite spacious. You should also add proper lighting to go with mirrors as lights could make the whole place very very bright if not put in proper places. If you’re a little tight on the budget then only two parallel mirrors could be added in front of each other while the other two walls could be left as usual.

7. Woods
Use of wood for the walls and drawers is another way of remodeling it for the better. Use of pine and other woods also gives the bathroom a distinct smell. The whole sink area can be made of wood as well with underneath shelves ensuring that there is always enough space to put things in.

8. Metallica
Another way of refreshing the bathroom look is by adding metallic textures to it. Trending in Europe metallic walls gives the bathroom a fashion-forward look as well as it adds an illusion of more space due to the reflection of metallic tiles. If however metallic walls are a bit costly for you then you can choose metallic paints for the walls that give the same look as metals but are cheaper.

9. Textured wall
Another ongoing trend which makes the bathroom feel open and close to nature is using textured walls. These walls remind of the mountainous environment which is a stark contrast to what bathrooms usually look. A freestanding tub along with the textured walls gives bathroom a very uplifting and peaceful setting for you to take bath.

10. Rustic stones
Last but not the least is remodeling by using stones in place of tiles. These stones can be put anywhere in the bathroom i.e. for the flooring as well as in the walls. When modern-looking sinks and faucets are used with the stones it gives the bathroom a very contrasting look between modern and contemporary. The stones also give the bathroom a warm look which could be very interesting to use in homes at colder climates.

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