Bathroom Rugs and Mats Ideas ( 20 Pics)

Bathroom Rugs and Mats
For every clean bathroom, there needs to be a rug or mats. People are of the opinion that selecting bathroom rugs and mats is a very easy job and does not require much considerate thinking. A carefully chosen bathroom rug adds an accent to your bathroom and coordinates with the home décor too.

Difference between a Bathroom Rug and a Bathroom Mat
A bathroom mat is used only for absorbing excess water after a shower or a bath. However, a bathroom rug is placed to elevate the mood and colour scheme of the bathroom. A rug not only absorbs excess water but also provides additional comfort on a cold morning. It is placed in the centre place of a powder room. While mats are placed below the wash basin, in front of the tub and the door.

One can see a large variety of bathroom rugs and mats in the online as well as offline market stores.
Things to consider before choosing rugs and mats
Here are certain points to consider before choosing bathroom rugs and mats:

Measure your bathroom – Determine and measure the space where you want to place rugs and mats. The rug should not be too large and not too small.

Choose the best colours – Though people think that no one looks at bathroom rugs and mats, you are supposed to pick up best patterns and bright colours. It should add a touch of creativity to the powder room.

Choose the appropriate material – Your rugs and mats should be durable enough, soft, absorbent, and must be easy to wash. You should feel comfortable in washing the rugs and using them on a regular basis without much of a hassle.

Consider safety measures – The rugs and mats should not be slippery, must be anti-bacterial or even made out of organic substances.

Placing the rugs and mats – An elegant rug will be suitable in a large bathroom. Whereas if you have a small powder room, then put mats at specific corners.
Having considered the important points before purchasing bathroom rugs and mats, let us explore some of the creative ideas related to the same.

The Casual Ones
Let us begin with our very first types – The Casual Ones. Simple in design, easy availability in a wide variety of colours, designs and shapes – these rugs and mats are extremely popular and high in demand. In case of a light-coloured bathroom, go for a muted blue or a green rug.

Opt for Animal designs
Bathroom rugs with animal designs on it add a sense of happiness to the powder room. If you have kids, then this idea will definitely help you. Or in case you are an animal lover, then you would like to have one of these kinds. A rug with a picture of cute rabbits or kittens will highlight the colour scheme of your bathroom.

Floral rugs and mats
Flowers are all-time pleasant and mesmerizing. You can pick up a flowered mat and rug depending upon the colour scheme of your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom is of white colour scheme, then a muted rug having pictures of red, yellow and pink flowers will enhance the overall look.

Fur rugs and mats
If you want to renovate your bathroom instantly, then do not waste more time and order for fur rugs and mats.  It looks extremely fashionable, elegant and welcoming for the family members. The visitors will be impressed when they notice a fur rug or even a fur mat in the powder rom. You don’t have to book a suite room in a luxurious hotel for experiencing the feeling of a fur rug. Buy now instead!

Do-it-yourself rugs and mats
If you are a creative person, then this idea is particularly for you. You can prepare bath mats out of wine cork, cedar wood, teak wood, bamboo, pebbles, and so on. You can inspire the artist in you, watch how-to-create-mats videos on the internet and make some for your own powder room. These mats look extremely fashionable. You will always be proud to let any visitor know that you have made them by yourself.

Before purchasing any kind of rug, always consider the points discussed in the beginning. You should not end up collecting beautiful but non-functional rugs and mats. Moreover, your mats should not be worn out within one or two months. Always pick up the best quality rugs and mats, keeping in mind your decided budget.
Thus, choosing rugs and mats for your bathroom could be a fascinating task. Enhance the overall look of your bathroom by choosing the best ones.

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