Bathroom floor tiles ideas ( 25 images )

Bathroom floor tiles ideas
The crucial elements for the décor or furnishing of any interior space consist of the walls, flooring, and furniture. The material used in the flooring of a space or the walls plays a significant role in changing the appearance and ambiance of the space. Hence it becomes very essential to consider different design strategies and factors when it comes to interior décor. These days building materials are not only used for the furnishing of the space but also used to increase and enhance the aesthetics of the look of the area. When it comes to the bathroom, the areas available to change the look of it are the walls and flooring apart from the sanitary fixtures. A change in the flooring can substantially affect the look and feel of the bathroom area. Some of the most profound bathroom floor tiles ideas are as follows:

Geometric tile pattern:
This is one of the most classic patterns of tiles prevalent in the market which has been a popular choice since the olden times. There are tiles available with geometric designs inbuilt in it which can be used as a flooring material for the bathroom. The sanitary fixtures like the wash basin, water closet, faucets, and bathtub should be kept minimal with simple design and pastel or white color to enhance the pattern of the tiles on the floor. This will give the bathroom a very chic and modern look. The flooring tiles can also be arranged in a geometric pattern if there is no stipulated design engraved in it. Because of the geometric shape and size, it leads to the less wastage of the tiles which makes it a considerably cost-effective alternative.

Singular tile design:
This is a very simple choice of flooring design which makes use of just one type of plain or matt finished tile without any pattern or design. This can prove to be a versatile option if appropriate design strategies are being incorporated in the flooring design. If a bold or dark colored tile is being used in the flooring, it can be complemented with a light colored or white colored sanitary fixtures along with one wall of the bathroom in a contrasting color tile design. The overall combination will definitely add on to the look and feel of the bathroom space giving it a classy aura. This option also proves to be a very cost-effective alternative as there is just use of one type of floor tiles in it.

Moroccan style design:
This is one of the most popular trends in Japan, Spain and Morocco along with other parts of the world. The use of morocco tiles for flooring as well as dado tiles in the bathroom will definitely give it a contemporary appearance along with a slight tinge of a traditional look. It works well for people who want to go a bit over the board for the design of their bathroom space. It is most suitable for larger bathroom sizes as more patterns of the tile design can be incorporated which will give a rich amalgamation of the design and look of the space. This type of tile design in the bathroom can be further enhanced with the use of vintage or marble sanitary appliances.

Mosaic tile pattern:
It is one of the widely used options for the flooring of any wet or combination of wet and dry space. The small pieces of the mosaics are being organized and arranged in a meticulous manner to create an interesting pattern for the flooring of the bathroom. The choice of color of the tiles will determine the type of sanitary fixtures and other materials to be used for bathroom furnishing. The contrast in this case always works best as it highlights all the individual elements and materials used for the décor and furnishing of the space. The mosaic tiles are generally not so expensive and hence this can prove to be a sufficient cost-effective technique of flooring option for the bathroom.

Mural pattern design:
This is a very innovative option of flooring design for the bathroom. The floor space of the bathroom can be made captivating by using tiles which have motifs or designs resembling an image, pattern or shape when assembled together. For this type of option to work well, the floor space of the bathroom should be unobstructed by any fixtures or elements. The use of hand-painted tiles can also be used to create a good design on the floor of the bathroom. In this type of option, people can personalize the design and tile pattern to a great extent.
There are various other innovative techniques and materials for the flooring of the bathroom prevalent in the market.

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