Baby Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas ( 26 Pics)

Baby Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas

When exploring the best decor options for the baby boy’s bedroom many parents often find themselves lost in a sea of cliches. Few of the many questions parents have are, “Should we go with a blue baby boy theme?” “Should we put a stylish statement or a simple mellow sanctuary?” “Which color palettes to choose?” – the list goes on and on, and on, and on.

One of the first steps when finalizing Baby Boy Bedroom Decor is choosing a starting point – which can be the theme, color, furniture, bedding etc. Confusing? We’ve jotted down few baby boy bedroom decor ideas to create a beautiful sanctuary your boy can use for sleeping and playing. Browse the best baby boy bedroom decor ideas, put your own creative twists and tweaks, and personalize your prince’ bedroom.

Use Photos
On the wall or atop the table, put a series of captured moments to decorate and share long-lasting memories with your baby boy.
Give it a unique touch
When designing a baby boy bedroom it’s important to create a space you and your kid will love. You can do this by incorporating decors, wall themes, different types of furniture, etc that match with your kid’s personality.

Incorporate your memories
Why don’t you share some of your childhood memories or mementos with your kid by incorporating them into the baby boy’s bedroom decor? Trust us, it’s a wonderful way to stay connected.

Subtle base colors
For any classic or minimalistic baby boy bedroom, Gray is the perfect base color. Pair it with blue, pink, or hues of warm colors to deliver a vibrant looking decor.

Go gaga over patterns
Ditch the typical baby bedroom decor ideas and embrace geometric patterns in bold colors or black-and-white shades to achieve a modern outlook to the room.

Blue is for your boy
Of course, blue is for boys – but try a not-so-much-used blue color like jean blue to give an edge and modern look to your baby boy’s bedroom theme. Jean blue is ideal for nurseries; but if you have a preschooler at home, focus more on the furniture and bedding.

Wall art speaks
Wall arts are the inexpensive ways to decorate the baby boy bedroom. Names, animal prints, lullaby, poems, floral prints – a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Gallery Wall
Another quick way to add life to the baby boy’s bedroom decor. From art in frames to frameless art to prints to fabrics, an ocean of gallery wall ideas is out there for you to choose from.

Intricate Patterns
When simplicity fails to do the job, go with intricate designs and patterns to decorate your baby boy’s bedroom. Try your hands at cartoon characters, animal prints, trees, funny motifs etc; but don’t overdo it. Patterned window panels, curtains, and rugs will be ideal for your toddler and preschooler.

Mix and Match
When it comes to decorating the kid’s room, don’t play by the rules. One focus – a beautiful bedroom for your baby boy; many ways – Mix multiple patterns, warm and cool tones, go beyond blue-black-white colors, try all of that DIYs available online. Simple as that!

Fun themes
Say ‘no’ to all traditional pastel affairs. Hit the room with bold patterns, bright colors, themes, unusual pieces of furniture, a creative cradle (if you have a nursery to decorate), pillows of various colors and themes, hanging curtains dividing the space. Your kid will love it!

Creative storage ideas
Lego storage ideas, stuffed animal storage boxes, garden hanging baskets, shoe organizer displays, toy racks, in-wall toy drawers and cabinets, rolling toy storage, under the bed train table etc are few genius storage ideas for baby boy’s bedroom.

Ceiling Art
Help your baby sleep looking at the beautiful ceiling art. Dramatic stripes and hanging butterflies on the ceiling wallpapered ceiling, ribbon ceiling – few of the many options that are doing the rounds these days.

Cube organizers
Cube organizers are an ideal way to keep things streamlined in your baby boy’s bedroom. If you’re good with DIYers try putting together a cube organizer with vibrant colors.

Sofa Chair
From modern to contemporary, sofa chairs are an excellent way to take a break from traditional pieces of furniture. Let your kiddo take a break from play and relax in comfy sofa chairs.
Well, now you have quite a few ideas that will hopefully help you decorate your baby boy’s bedroom. As always, cast your vote by clicking on the black button below.

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