9 Small Living Room Seating Arrangement Ideas ( 20 photos )

9 Small Living Room Seating Arrangement Ideas

Designing a small living room is something majority of us – the tiny home dwellers – have to do. That said, striking a balance between the look, functionality, and comfort of the space isn’t a hard-to-achieve thing. Among the many ways to create a dynamic, stylish look in the living room, seating arrangement tops the list. So, what furniture should you buy, and how do you refine the layout? Have a look at these 9 Small Living Room Seating Arrangement Ideas that’ll make your living room stand out.
1. Go with small-scale furniture
Mix and matching full-size modular sofas and bulky armchairs isn’t always the right thing. Look for the adorable small settee, chairs, coffee tables, love seats, Persian rugs etc to make the seating arrangement in the small living room outstanding and functional. You know where to go? Antique shops!

2. Try some elegant pouf
You can’t go wrong with style and elegance pouf can add. The best part about this cousin of Turkish ottoman – it is portable, blends effortlessly with any type of décor, and gives a chic look to the small living room. These are ideal to be incorporated in a matchbox living room where one wall is available to anchor the seating.
3. Use multifunctional ottomans
Always think of using ottomans that work as a coffee table/extra seating/nesting table in the small living room. With two or three stylish ottomans and a compact sofa, anyone can create a conversational cluster within the available space. A handy tip: armless sofas go well with the low ottomans.

4. Wall-pressed seating arrangement
Living room sandwiched between the walls? Have a sofa cum bed arranged along one wall and hang the TV on the opposite wall. This way you will get ample floor place in the center for casual seating. To remove emptiness from the corners, you have options like tall houseplants, floor lamps, etc.
5. L shaped seating
Extremely stylish and inviting, L-shaped seating arrangement should be the choice if you have a talkative family. Depending on the square footage available install either a number of compact sofas in the shape of L or go with one large modular sofa. And, do not forget to tie the look together with a warm area rug.

6. If ‘L’ doesn’t work, try ‘U’
The best part about the U shaped seating arrangement in the small living room – ample seating and open space in the center. This suited-for-entertainment-and-conversation arrangement is characterized by a sofa or bench that occupies three sides of a triangle. Floating shelves on the corner walls and dramatic window panels or curtains can be used to complete the look.
7. Flanked seating arrangement
A central comfy sofa flanked by two trendy slipper chairs is a good way to achieve that comfortable seating arrangement you’ve always wanted in your small living room. Mix mad match solid and patterned designs to enhance the vibe of the entire layout. And yes, symmetrically placed table lamps or houseplants can occupy both the corners so the living room entrance will be more open and airy. If you do not have enough square area for flanked arrangement, have a sofa and a single wingback chair to achieve the beautiful small living room seating arrangement.

8. Lay them parallel
Because eye contact is a way of building connections with the other person! Choose either two identical sofas or a sofa + loveseat combination facing each other to create the conversation hub around the fireplace. By the way, this type of small living room seating arrangement leaves no wall for a TV and we guess that’s ok because bonding with people is more important.
9. Armchair seating
No bulkier modular sofas or love-seat in the small living room, only armchairs. Yes, you read it right – armchairs are the best to bring charm and fluidity to any small space. They take very little space and come in a plenitude of sizes and styles. Deck the living area with four elegant armchairs arranged around ottomans or pouf to give a modern twist. Boho-inspired area rug, floor lamp, chandelier, and a compact side table holding flower vase will complete this arrangement.

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