12 Ways to make your living room cozy ( 20 Pics)

12 Ways to make your living room cozy

Is your living room versatile but not as warm and inviting as you’d like? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Yes, bringing in coziness and warmth into the living room isn’t a herculean task. Making your living room a cozy hangout is all about choosing warm colors, soft fabrics, a fresh coat of paint or a few potted plants – in other words, surrounding yourself with everything that put a smile on your face. Below you’ll find our carefully curated list of 12 tried and tested ways to make your living room cozy. You’re sure to find a design or makeover idea that suits your need when you’re all done reading it.
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Include or Maximize Greenery
Green and charming potted plants are the easiest way to keep any living area thriving, cozy, and functional. If greenery is already a part of your living room decor, well and good. Otherwise, choose a houseplant that can blend well with the decor. Want houseplant ideas? Check our article on Houseplant Ideas for Living Room
2. Layer them up
For a rich visual warmth, blend and layer plenty of super plush pillows, soft rugs, and throws into the living room’s decor. The result? A cozy living room that no one wants to leave at any cost!
3. Cozy Fireplaces
What better way to make the living area a cozy spot than with a wood burning fireplace? Irrespective of whether you have a wooden or electric fireplace, adding a dusky accent wall behind or built-ins on either side are the simplest way to achieve coziness in the living area.

4. Add warmer tones
Adding warmer undertones to the neutral color palette is another way to add cozy, understated elegance to your living room. Swatches with warm tones – red, yellow, tan, brown – are engaging and inviting. You won’t regret the choice!
5. Bookshelves and Books
Don’t you think there’s something undeniably comforting about a wall of colorful books? A built-in bookshelf on either side of the fireplace will definitely double the warmth and coziness of the living room.
6. Wood panel is great
Whether you have a contemporary, modern or minimalist living room, wood paneling is a great option to give life and coziness to the living room walls, and floors. Square and rectangular wood panels act as undeniably charming wall accents too.

7. Bring in Boho style
Love bright colors, patterns, and prints? Then, it’s time to inject Bohemian style to your neutral living room. Patterned rugs on sofas, vintage mirrors, fur-made colorful pillows, leather ornaments, rumpled fabrics – too many choices for you to brainstorm.
8. Two-Toned Walls are fun
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing a close-to-the-heart living room. So feel free to have a little fun by pairing two unusual colors to define the style and coziness of the living area.
9. Rustic Decor and Design
Rustic style is one of the popular picks among many homeowners. What do you call a living room well-balanced with natural light, coral tones, and natural wooden interiors? Cozy or Heaven?

10. Ottoman and Console Tables
These fellas are epic living room furniture pieces that hold the power to change the ambiance and depth of any living room. Blend them seamlessly against the wall or sofa and create a cozy feel.
11. Create seating groups
Separate and intimate seating groups in a large living room are not only cozy but fun too. Use single seater sofas, chairs and loveseats to achieve the best out the arrangement.
12. Cozy Lighting
The right lighting arrangement is critical to creating a cozy and welcoming living room. Mix and match ambient, task, and accent lights of soft or warm glow to illuminate and make the living room cozy. For living room illuminating inspirations, click here.
Remember, irrespective of the size, design or style,  the most important aspect of your living room is function. And, a cozy living room results when function meets and blends with aesthetics!
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