10 Inspiring Decor Ideas for Small Bedroom ( 24 photos )

10 Inspiring Decor Ideas for Small Bedroom

So many ideas in the head to adorn the bedroom, but so little space? Fret not. We agree that organizing without compromising the form and function is quite a daunting task, but it isn’t impossible either. If you’re unaware of the countless ways to turn that cramped space into a cozy and roomy one, here are some ingenious small bedroom decorating ideas. Just steal them and make the most of it.


A Mirror Matters
A strategically placed large custom mirror is an easy and affordable way to add more depth to small spaces. Besides acting as additional windows, mirrors provide a greater amount of reflected light and rules out the cluttered space. If you prefer a hint of luxury, several mirrors arranged in a group would get the job done.


Under Bed Storage Boxes
As your bedroom is small, every square inch is crucial in terms of storage. A storage ottoman, large baskets, rolling drawers, etc are few options to consider. Nicely crafted pegboards having hooks to display bags, accessories, and beauty product pouches, keys, shades etc. not only saves some space but they’ll add a chic and lively vibe too.


Go for the colors
Don’t buy that ‘never paint a small room with bold colors’ statement. Just embrace the size limitation and play around with bright and bold colors. The colors that made a cut among-st the small space dwellers are Charcoal gray, blue shades especially the navy blue, and olive green. Balancing out these colors with the neutrals will give a complete face-lift to your bedroom.


Light the room up
Luxe lighting choices have a huge impact on the ambiance of a small bedroom. Soft light emanating from a pendant or a chandelier will do the magic of emphasizing the rooms’ height. Plus, don’t rely on a single light source for your room, instead try multiple light sources so that the light from several directions will blur the edges and make the room appear larger than actually it is; using wall lights will let you achieve this.


Think Taller Always
Hang Woven blinds, simple curtain panels or roller shades closer to the ceiling and let their color blend with that of your wall. This way you can achieve a taller look for the room. It’s better to keep the window treatments simple and uniform in the room just to avoid contrast as it’ll do just the opposite of what you want to achieve. Still don’t believe in the magic the drapery can create? Do a trial run and see for yourself.


Let the shelves float
When every inch of the wall counts, why not embrace shelving? Floating shelves are modern, require minimal space, and are ideal to streamline things. Simple long shelves, corner shelves, art gallery style shelves… the options are many if you want to keep your phone, books, night light, candles and more. Plus, it won’t mess up with your flooring decor ideas.


Bring Greenery In
Not blessed with tens and thousands of square footage shouldn’t interfere with adding some life to the bedroom. What say? Hang the houseplants from the wall or the ceiling. Pick up some climbers that require minimal sunlight and moisture and let them climb your high ceilings. If nothing works, rack them by utilizing that corner which can house a small wooden rack with few pots. Got few ideas, huh?


Worthy Nesting tables
The best part about these fellas – they’re available to hold drinks, magazines or even laptops when you need them and can be neatly tucked away when you don’t. The icing on the cake – the empty space underneath can be utilized too. See how your small bedroom is getting a brand new spacious look!


Rethink the foot of the bed
Foot of the bed – small but it can do great wonders. Put a storage bench to house your favorite books or a desk to set up a small scale office. A single sofa, a customized dresser or an entire sitting area would be a great alternative to the usual bench and desk. We hope you won’t miss the chance to utilize this small space.


Think Vertically
Utilizing the vertical space is another key to save more space in the tiny bedroom. Wall-mounted shelves, suspended lighting arrangements, book slings, colorful gallery walls, hanging plant pockets, etc can be used to add more storage, sophistication, and elegance to your small bedroom.

Got some tried and tested small bedroom decorating ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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